We caught up with Amelia to celebrate our latest collaboration and discover more about the V&A’s archive…

What was your involvement with the V&A collection?
I work as Researcher and Product Approval Manager for the trading arm of the V&A and had fun finding the perfect prints for the collection.

How many artworks have been used for this collection?
About five wallpapers and textile designs were used in this collection.

How did these prints get chosen for this collection?
The Oasis team came up with the ideas and brought along mood boards to our research meetings, organised by climbing florals, hand-painted wallpapers and chinoiserie touches, such as birds of paradise and cherry blossoms, with pyjama trousers and silk shirts.  Based on Oasis’ penchant for patterns and the V&A’s 150-year history of collecting wallpapers and fabrics from all over the world, we were able to choose prints for the collaboration.

What makes chinoiserie so special?
The appeal of chinoiserie lies in the history of the style, which for over 300 years has drawn on an exotic and romantic notion of the East – a flight of fancy to a land of pagoda roofs and fantastical dragons and phoenixes.  The term denotes purely decorative fantasies produced by European artists, based roughly on East Asian themes.

In terms of its inspiration, what’s the key difference between this V&A collection and the last?
Last season’s look gave a twist to some pieces from the V&A’s Asian ceramic collection.  The mood for the new collection still comes from the East, but Oasis have worked their magic on a combination of European wallpaper and textile patterns depicting alluring chinoiserie designs to create a highly desirable range of separates.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection and why?
The bomber jacket is THE key item of the moment and for this reason I’d love to wear the Oasis V&A embroidered bomber jacket all season long.

Three words to describe this collection/its inspiration
Exotic, beautiful and Stylish.

Tales of the East is in-store and online now. Browse the collection here.

Oasis V&A

Oasis V&A


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