The other week we took a trip out to our York store to take a look at the new collections and talk to the staff about why they love the area and what there is to do. Have we missed anything? Well then let us know what you like to do in the comments below…

When we decided to get out of London to visit our stores we couldn’t think of a better place to go than the home of Betty’s Tea Rooms and quaint cobbled streets up North. We spoke to Assistant Manager Jodie about her store and what she like to do in the city.

Oasis – Hi Jodie, thanks so much for sitting down and talking to us for the blog. So how long have you been working at the York store?

Jodie – I’ve been working in the store for nearly 3 and a half years but I actually started out as a Senior Sales Assistant and have worked my way up. I love working in this store and get on really well with my manager Di. She’s here 4 days a week so it really gives me a chance to try out new things on the shop floor and develop myself and my career.

Oasis – Have you always lived in York?

Jodie – Yes it’s where I’ve grown up and I love living here! It’s soo pretty and I love exploring the outskirts and areas nearby too like Knaresborough and Harrogate. They’re perfect if you want to get away from the city and go for a walk in the countryside.

Oasis – How would you describe your personal style?

Jodie – Well I’m obsessed with anything leopard print – it’s such a fail-safe look. I also love wearing denim and leather so I suppose you could say I like a more casual look but do love pretty dresses too. I prefer to buy classic pieces that will see me through the season and I think if you spend a bit more on your key pieces it makes your looks last a lot longer.

Oasis – Who would you say your style icon is?

Jodie – Well Kate Moss never fails to look good in whatever she wears (can you believe the woman is 40!) so she’s on my list as everything she wears seems to become iconic. I also love the style of the Gossip Girl cast as they mix and match such unusual pieces.

Oasis – Good choices we definitely agree! So what kind of customers do you get in the York store then and what do you think are your best selling pieces?

Jodie – We do tend to have quite a casual shopper in York so we sell quite a lot of denim and cute dresses with leather jackets. However when it gets to race season we get a lot of customers coming in to look for that special dress. The races are quite a big deal in York so it’s really nice to see our customers coming in to get style advice for the big day – especially when they’re off to Ladies Day!

Oasis – So tell us where’s good to go in York then…

Jodie – Well there’s a few places that I like to go. Lucia’s Bar is great for lunch or dinner with friends and there’s a cocktail bar above it that have DJs in the evening. I also love the Evil Eye Lounge which even has sofa’s upstairs to chill out on, oh and they do *amazing* Sunday Dinners too! Oh and if you’re after something a bit different 1331 has a cinema upstairs with oh so comfy seats if you’re looking to relax.

Oasis – Wow good shouts we’ll be sure to take a look at them later.¬†What about you Jodie, where’s your favourite place to go and get away from it all?

Jodie – Well I’ve done a bit of travelling and the favourite place I’ve been has to be India. I’ve been to Goa 3 times and spent a year there in total which is great as it’s such a culture shock and so different to England. I always feel chilled out and relaxed when I’m there which is why it’s such a happy place for me to be.

Oasis – Wow that sounds lovely (we’ve definitely got pangs of jealousy…) so would you say you’re happiest when you’re travelling?

Jodie – Well I’m actually getting married in October – I’ve been with my fianc√© for 7 years – so I suppose it makes me happy to just sit on the sofa with him at the weekend and watch a film. But we are getting married in Mauritius on a tiny little beach within the ruins of a hotel so i cannot wait for that. Some of our family and friends will be coming with us and then we’ll have a big party back home too so i’m so excited for that. I’ll be going dress shopping in the next few weeks so that will make it feel really real.

Oasis – Wow Jodie that all sounds amazing! We wish you the best of luck and we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time.

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