So by now you must have treated yourselves to something nice from the second ‘Loved By Mollie’ edit right? We’re so excited to get our hands on the range and just for you we had a Q&A session with the woman herself to talk about a few of her favourite things…

Oasis – Hi Mollie, we hope you’re excited for your second ‘Loved By Mollie’ edit! Thanks for sitting down to talk with us, can you tell us a bit about your personal style in three words?
Mollie – Yes I’m soo excited thank you! Hmm three words, that’s a hard one. How about feminine, eclectic and clean?

Oasis – So tell us What style rules you abide by?
Mollie – Well I try not to follow too many rules and always try to go with my instinct really.

Oasis – That’s a good plan Mollie – we like it! So who would you say is your biggest style inspiration?
Mollie – It’s got to be Brigitte Bardot, I love her!

Oasis – So tell us a bit about what trends you’re most excited to wear this SS14?
Mollie – It’s got to be full length skirts. They are so feminine and pretty!

Oasis – If you had to pick just one, what would be your must have piece from the collection?
Mollie – Ooh that’s a hard one, do I have to pick? Ok I’ll say the Jessica Denim Midi Dress.

Oasis – The skirt is the clearly the hero piece of the season, with the key trend being a real move towards the longer midi length styles. So with this in mind how would you advise styling up this new season look?
Mollie – I think the key is to wear the longer length skirts with a heel so that they don’t drown you. And it’s always good to wear them with a more figure hugging top to make a contrast between the two.

Oasis – Thanks Mollie! So if you could only wear one thing from your wardrobe forever what would it be?
Mollie – You’re giving me all the difficult questions! That would have to be my Oasis blue skinny jeans, I just love them!

Oasis – So, as you know, we’re known for loving print and pattern at Oasis. Can you tell us which your favourite print and pattern pieces are from the new collection?
Mollie – I’d have to choose the coral top with matching shorts as it’s just such a cute set but I also love the Hawaiian print top for summer too.

Oasis – You always look stunning so tell us your secret! What are your top tips for staying in shape and looking glam?
Mollie – You’ve got to get lots of sleep and a good variety in your diet – it’s really important for me to be healthy. Oh and go to the gym as much as you can!

Oasis – So how does it feel to be the face of such a big high street brand?
Mollie – It’s incredibly exciting and such a dream come true!

Oasis – So let’s get to the girls – if you had to dress the rest of the Saturdays in a look from the collection who would wear what?
Mollie – Hmm well I’d probably put Una in the blue leather t-shirt and Vanessa in the Stripe Midi Skirt whilst Frankie would look great in the Jessica Denim Midi Dress and the White Linen Trousers are just up Rochelle’s street!

Oasis – And what’s the best piece of fashion and beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Mollie – It’s got to be that you always need to be yourself and wear what suits you rather than following a trend. And for beauty, always take your make-up off at night!

Oasis – Obviously your a celebrity, but have you ever been star struck by another celebrity yourself?
Mollie – I was so starstruck when I saw Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globes! That was amazing…

Oasis – So talking about an alternative career, what would you be doing if you weren’t a popstar?
Mollie – I think I would have loved to work for the CIA. I really love TV drama’s about them.

Oasis – So what’s been your biggest fashion regret?
Mollie – Definitely the High School Musical 3 Premiere! I looked awful!

Oasis – Tell us about where’s you go when you want to get away from it all?
Mollie – LA! it is so relaxing out there!

Oasis – And when you’re there how do you like to relax?
Mollie – Well I love watching box sets and going to the cinema but I also really love playing tennis and walking my dog Alfie.

Oasis – We love a good box set too! Speaking of box sets, tell us about your favourite film…
Mollie – It’s got to be ‘Father of the Bride.’ They live in my absolute dream house!

Oasis – And finally if you could be someone else for the day, who would it be?
Mollie – Hmm I’d have to say Miley Cyrus – she always looks like she’s having a ball!

Oasis – Thanks so much for speaking to us Mollie.

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