A Q&A With Robert: Our Winning NTU Lace Designer


Meet Robert, the winner of our Nottingham Trent University design competition. His dreamy black and pink lace dress, complete with flattering plunge neck, won your hearts and votes. We sat down to chat everything from style inspiration to studying fashion and how it feels to win our competition and see his design come to life in our enchanting new collaboration.

Robert you WON our dress design competition back in the summer – how did you feel when you found out that your dress would feature in the collaboration?

I just remember not caring about all the work I had left to do that day! Nothing was going to bring me down.

What was your inspiration behind the dress?

Apart From the inspiration Oasis had already given us at the start of the year, I also looked at photographs of my Nana’s wedding dress that was also made of Nottingham lace.

What was it like to work with the antique fabric from the NTU lace archive

I haven’t been lucky enough to work up close with the fabrics in the archive. I had only seen what Oasis had shown us on the mood boards. So, it’s nice to see them all together as one in this incredible collection.

You visited the Oasis HQ after winning the competition – is there anything you learnt when you worked with our design team?

How many people and departments a concept needs to go through before getting the go ahead. Every opinion matters and everybody had the chance to be involved.

And how did it feel when you saw your finished Oasis design in person?

I first saw it when I was invited to help at the Sunday Girl shoot, so it was a huge shock from just seeing it as a flat sketch for weeks on end to a completed final piece in front of my eyes. Something I’ll never forget.


When did you first discover that you wanted to study fashion?

I first wanted to get into fashion when I was in secondary school studying art and design, when I came across a fashion Illustrator called David Downton. It was from then on, that my artwork turned into fashion designs. I then followed this on at Lincoln college studying fashion and now here at Nottingham Trent.

What has been the highlight of studying Fashion Design at NTU?

Working with different brands through competition briefs. It’s nice to think we have those links for future reference. And getting to go to Paris for Fashion Week and seeing all these people we look up to just wandering the streets.

And how do you feel as you start your third and final year at university?

Terrified! It’s a lot of work already, but I know that when it’s all finished I won’t want to leave.

Who do you consider to be your style icon?

Raf Simons. His style is so simple and so classic, but he doesn’t need to be over the top to be recognised. And I think that’s what I try to do with my style.

Finally, pick a song that perfectly sums up your time at university.

Get Free by Lana del Rey , because it’s full of ups and downs but turns out good in the end.

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