A Quick Cuppa with Chloe Bell


With the launch of our newest collaboration with The Chelsea Physic Garden,  you might spot her phone cases in our stores this month. We sat down with Chloe Bell, creator and designer of unique flower pressed phone cases.

What inspired you to start this project?
There is actually a story behind how I started with phone cases.
I went through a phase of hitting car boot sales every weekend and one weekend I came home with a huge flower press, I filled it as soon as I arrived home with flowers from my mums (and neighbours 😝) garden.

Around the same time, my son who had just entered the ‘terrible twos’ developed a fascination with my phone and after a few too many tantrums it was so smashed, I desperately had to find a case just to hold it together.

Why Phone cases?
My husband picked me up a case from the local market that was so plain and boring I decided I wanted to decorate it! So I literally ‘stuck’ some flowers with a craft glue to the front of the case. As you can imagine after a day or two the case was just a mess but I thought I could be onto something, so I experimented a bit with different materials and found one that worked.  After a few friends had seen and asked for one, I set up a selling page on Facebook which led to me setting up my own website!

How hard has the whole process been from a concept to making to selling?
I’d say the whole process has been a little difficult at times. Especially at the very beginning when they were still a ‘work in progress’
As mentioned before I do try to change the flowers depending on what is seasonal. Flowers that I have not used before can prove to be a little tricky and not look as great as is hoped! The project is forever developing.

Which case is your favourite to date?
I’d say my favourite case to date would be ‘red rose’ it’s so pretty and feminine and the colours really pop! I’d say one of the best things about making my cases is that I can change depending on season, I try to bring out Autumn, winter designs etc…

Can we expect any other botanical projects from you for people to look out for?
As well as phone cases I also make iPad cases and necklaces. I am forever getting requests from recently married people for me to do something with their flowers. So would love to work out a process to do that. I’m also looking into small pieces of homeware such as hanging frames and jewellery boxes.

A word of advice?
If I had any words of advice to people starting up their own business it would be, don’t underestimate the power of social media. If I hadn’t of posted pictures of my phone case at the very start I would never had known people were interested in having one themselves! Instagram helped a celeb find my phone cases and Facebook is where a marketing assistant from Oasis came across me! Put in the time and keep your followers updated!

If you fancy a customised phone case, you can visit us in-store and customise your own phone case on the following dates:

Friday 27th May, 5-8pm – Oasis, Argyll St
Saturday 28th May, 1-4pm – Oasis, White City
Sunday 29th May, 1-4pm – Oasis, Cardiff
Thursday 2nd June, 5-8pm – Oasis, Trafford
Saturday 4th June, 3-5pm – Oasis, Dublin St Stephens Green



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