Yes, that is sun! Our next Sunday Girl winner comes from down under where Christmas isn’t all snowflakes and hot chocolate. Let us introduce you to our Australian Sunday Girl: meet Megan.

Oasis – We have to ask… what’s your perfect Sunday?
Megan – My perfect Sunday would start with a sleep in, followed by a breakfast date with some girlfriends – it’s our Sunday morning ritual. I like to stay active as well, so I would definitely get out in the sunshine and go for a walk at some point too.

Oasis – Oh sunshine, we remember you! What’s the best thing about celebrating Christmas in the sun?
Megan – Everyone is happy! Who doesn’t love some sunshine, and who doesn’t love Christmas? They go perfectly together.

Oasis – We love our wintery Christmas, but we see your logic! Which was your favourite part of your Sunday Girl outfit?
Megan – I would probably say the 2 in 1 dress, it is so versatile and the top part can be worn with all different outfits. I also love the pastel blue colour!

Oasis – What are your plans for Christmas?
Megan – Christmas is always a family affair, filled with lots and lots of good food and laughter.

Oasis – All our favourite things too. What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
Megan – When I was six I got my first dog – Scooby (from Santa, of course). I think that will always be my favourite Christmas memory.

Oasis – Aww, we bet he’s better behaved than our not-so perfect pooch, Sprout… Will you be wearing anything special on Christmas day?
Megan – I always end up wearing the paper hats that come out of the bon-bons, haha.

Oasis – Cracker hats are the must-have accessory! Sunday Girl is inspired by a Blondie song, but what’s your favourite song right now? Christmas ones are allowed!
Megan – I am completely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new album. Favourite song would be ‘Blank Space’.

Oasis – We know you’re in full Summer mode right now, but what are you missing most about dressing for Winter?
Megan – Ankle boots
! They look fab with stockings and a dress or jeans.

Oasis – We wear ours all the time as proof! And, last but not least, did you enjoy your Sunday Girl photo shoot?
Megan – I absolutely loved the Sunday Girl shoot. I had an amazing team who pulled everything together and we had many laughs.
Oasis – And laughs are the most important thing!

Now we’re left daydreaming of a Christmas in the sun… To see Megan’s full feature read our Sunday Girl winners feature, and to meet the other Sunday Girls find their interviews here.

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