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Your Perfect Party Outfit, According To Your Star Sign

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From the office-do to festive drinks, party season is well and truly underway. All that’s left to do is decide which outfit we’ll be rocking to that all-important event.

This season, we’re looking to our star sign for some wardrobe inspiration. Yep, from fearless Leos to fun-loving Geminis, it turns out that our zodiac sign can offer an interesting insight into our personal style. You may not know it, but that affiliation with bold prints and all things sequinned could be more of a cosmological calling than a fashion preference (and even if you aren’t a horoscope subscriber, it’s a good excuse to shop, right?)

So we’ve taken the 12 zodiac signs and curated the perfect party outfit for each. What’s written in your sartorial stars? Let’s find out……

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21st March – 19th April


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries marks the beginning of something energetic. Known for being confident, determined, enthusiastic and optimistic, Aries are one of the most active signs, always balancing a jam-packed social schedule with a busy work life.


Aries signs rarely take time off – they’re the queens of multi-tasking – so it’s all about finding clothes that work from day to night. You love taking casual separates such as jeans and leather jackets and elevating them with a dose of sequins and a splash of colour.


You’ll be hopping from desk to drinks this season – so you need an outfit that works just as hard in the office as it does at the bar. These glitter stripe trousers are the perfect party option – simply team with your favourite heels for a dance floor-ready look.


Untitled design (10)


20th April – 20th May


Taurus signs are typically reliable, patient and practical people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. You love to be surrounded by family and friends, and are always up for a get-together. Needless to say, you’ll be going out-out a lot this season!


As a practical person, you’re all about wearing pieces that are comfortable and stylish. Taurus signs also love to make a statement with bold colours and fashion-forward prints.


Easy to dress up or down, pair functional trousers with a metallic blouse, then throw on your animal print faux fur to make a style statement.

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21st May – 20th June


Gemini signs are famous for representing two personalities in one. While you’re extremely fun-loving, sociable people, you also take matters seriously. So, with party season in full swing, we’re expecting you to take having fun ever so seriously.


In true accordance with your sign, it’s difficult to pin down your style. Geminis are just as confident rocking a pair of trainers as they are wearing heels. You love to mix it up depending on your mood – and you’re a sucker for an accessory.


To accommodate for your love of all things binary, we suggest wearing something that can be dressed up just as easily as it can be dressed down. Our glitter lurex skirt looks just as good with trainers as it does with heels.


Untitled design



21st June – 22nd July


Cancer signs are affectionate, nurturing and connected to their roots. You love spending time with your friends and family, as well as relaxing at home. But when this little crab comes out of its shell – it’s out out!


Sophisticated and elegant, cancer signs have mastered the art of classic dressing. But, while classic may be your go-to look, you love to keep it fresh with modern details and feminine accessories.


What could be more sophisticated than a classic black midi? An easy option for any social commitment, simply dress it up with statement jewels for an effortlessly stylish look.

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23rd July – 22nd August


A natural born leader, Leo signs are confident, brave and loyal. You love laughing, partying and dancing with your friends – and you never say no to a night on the town!


It’s no surprise that this fearless sign is one of the most daring when it comes to fashion choices. From bold colours to vibrant prints, you’re wild about making a statement.


This gold dress embodies your more is more is more philosophy. With a keyhole front and asymmetric hem, it’s dripping in detail.


Untitled design (9)




23rd August – 22nd September


Practical, industrious and organised, Virgos are one of the hardest working signs. But, since this season is all about having fun, give yourself the night off and locate your nearest dance floor…


You favour clothing that’s feminine and stylish, but never over the top. With flattering shapes and functional cuts, your wardrobe is classic and sophisticated..


Flattering and timeless, this sparkly lurex midi dress is the perfect partywear option. Team with heels and a matching clutch to elevate your look from head to toe.


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23rd September – 22nd October


Social, gracious and harmonious, Libras are a delight to spend time with. Friends are very important to you, and you love a celebration (time to call the Uber!).


You love to mix it up and bounce between trends. When your outfit is feminine, you’re sure to toughen it up with a leather jacket or boyfriend jeans, and vice versa. Whatever look you’re going for, you like to give it an edge.


Toughen up your sequins with a classic leather jacket for a girly-girl meets rock-chick vibe.

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23rd October – 21st November


Loyal, brave and resourceful – Scorpios make great leaders! In fact, you’re probably the one who’s responsible for planning the social calendar this party season.


You have a knack for always looking perfect. Polished and refined, your style is understated, but fashion-forward. You favour structured shapes and functional cuts, relying on your accessories to bring an edge to your look.


Elegant and sophisticated, this stunning midi dress is bringing all the glam to party season. Finish the look with statement earrings for extra style points.

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22nd November – 21st December


Sagittarius signs are known for their great sense of humour. You love to laugh, travel and experience new things. Bold, bright and a pleasure to be around, you’re top of every guest list.


While you often opt for timeless shapes and feminine cuts, you also favour bright hues with lots of print. You love to experiment with different colour palettes and bring detail to your outfit in the form of accessories.


Colourful, just like you, this ombre sequin dress is perfect for making a style statement. Ideal for nights out and Christmas parties, team with heels and a clutch to finish the look.

Untitled design (5)


22nd December – 19th Jan


Capricorns are responsible individuals with a lot of self control. But that’s not to say they don’t know how to have fun. You love music, dancing and all things artistic – making this season the perfect excuse to let loose.


Simple yet sophisticated, your style is utterly effortless. You opt for classic garments that are often tailored or clean cut, but not without a modern twist. You like to experiment with bold accessories and statement shoes – but never take it too far.


Sparkly in design and classic in shape, this embellished dress is oozing with style. Just add heels for an effortless going-out look.


Untitled design (3)


20th Jan – 18th Feb


Fun-loving and energetic, there’s never a dull moment with an Aquarius around. They love being surrounded by people and trying new things – so party season suits you just fine.


Known for being original and at times, eccentric, you favour a bolder sense of style. From colour to prints and all things that shine, you love to make a statement and you aren’t afraid to experiment.


Not one to shy away from sparkle, this sequin dress is the perfect partywear option for any Aquarius.

Untitled design (13)


19TH Feb – 20th March


Pisces are known for their kind and compassionate nature. They are extremely generous people who make great friends – so no doubt you’ll be flooded with invites this party season!


Often described as bohemian, you have a feminine, whimsical style that never fails to look effortless. You love to play with textures and always stick to minimal prints, preferring to use jewellery to add detail to your look.


In a floaty chiffon fabric, this skater dress is 100% Pisces. Flattering, feminine and oh-so-stylish, it has party season written all over it.


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Untitled design (38)

We’re sorry to tell you but Autumn / Winter is fast approaching – goodbye heatwave, it was nice knowing you! But with a little help from the face of our The September Edition campaign @NiomiSmart we’re going to be making layering season something to look forward to.

We’re talking the perfect transitional trench, lightweight knits that can be worn alone, or layered, and pretty-as-a-picture dresses, perfect for days out as well as those all-important #ootd Instagram posts. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see the items you need, and we mean really NEED in your wardrobe this AW.


Untitled design (32)

Everyone knows the trench is the perfect transitional coat. Lightweight enough that you won’t end up sweltering on warmer days with a delicate leopard print blouse underneath, and adjustable enough that you can add a chunky knit when it gets cold outside.


Untitled design (33)

We challenge you to find us a more perfect pairing than this colourblock knit and burgundy leather-look midi skirt. This is a versatile look that will take you from coffee meeting to lunch date to sneaky post-work drinks.

Untitled design (34)


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This time Niomi is wearing leather-look leggings with a slouchy knit, perfect for those lazy Sundays when you want a pulled together, but casual style.

Untitled design (36)


Animal print is everywhere this season, we don’t need to tell you that. And with a super sweet high neck and cinched in waist this leopard print dress is the perfect partner for a delicious doughnut – or whatever your heart desires!

Untitled design (37)


Ah the humble jumpsuit, one of your wardrobe’s most hard working pieces. Wear this floral number with heels for evening drinks or dress it down with trainers at the weekend – whatever your style, this one-piece has you covered!

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I Wore Prints For 7 Days & This Is What Happened


Here at Oasis, we’re all about spreading print, colour and happiness – our pattern rooms are home to so many prints, we give the National Portrait Gallery a run for its money! But while our HQ might be popping with everything from fancy florals, to polka dots, our Senior Brand Stylist, Hannah Eichler’s wardrobe is a different story. So, what happened when we challenged our style guru to a week of wearing print?


Hannah says: “Ok, it’s confession time…I have an irrational phobia of print. I’d describe my style as quite minimal, with the odd frill thrown in, and my colour palette is like a scene from 50 shades of grey (white and navy). Aside from a humble Breton stripe, I never wear print. So accepting a mission to embrace print for seven days straight seemed beyond daunting. But if it’s in the name of style, who am I to argue?”



“It’s back to work after the weekend, and in a bid to ease myself into the challenge gently, I decided to start with accessories and the foulard floral shopper. Wearing my fail-safe navy culottes made the bold print of the bag seem far less intimidating, and whilst I thought a clashing scarf might be overkill, the colours actually tied in perfectly with the rest of my look, pulling the whole thing together. Plus, I love how you can switch up this scarf and tie it in your hair, too!



“I’m shooting in the studio today, so I’m in need of something easy to wear, making the shirt dress the best contender. But, with its bright colours, the graphic stripes are a big departure from my beloved Breton. Luckily I receive loads of compliments from the rest of my team on how the chevron stripes have flattered my bust and waist so I’m starting to feel more print confident!”



“The lips might be my most used emoji, but wearing such a kitsch print is way out of my comfort zone! I wouldn’t usually wear a print in such a figure-hugging style as I’m often conscious of drawing too much attention to myself. So, I slipped a white tee underneath to make it feel a little bit more ‘me.’ And it worked! By the end of the day the print had really grown on me and I felt like I would even consider wearing it on a night out with a pair of heels!”



“Wrap dresses have been taking over my Instagram feed lately, and my friends have been raving about how flattering they are, so, despite my reservations, I was looking forward to trying this one! I’ve got curves, so I was beyond happy with how my bust, waist AND legs look – I almost fancied myself a bit!”



“I’ve long been fan of the one(sie) show (see what I did there?), but this floral style isn’t something I would usually pick, preferring a more neutral look. But the girls at work encouraged me to wear this for Friday night cocktails, and I was surprised at how the bright coral hue and floral prints boosted my mood and my confidence! I decided to let the print do the talking by keeping accessories simple – I picked out a pretty nude shade, but a cobalt blue is perfect if you’re feeling more daring!”



“Clashing prints and a hanky hem made this dress the most nerve-wracking look out of the week, but thanks to the super soft jersey fabric, I felt really comfortable wearing it to go for brunch with the girls (especially after all that avo on toast!). My friends were also big fans and were adding it to their shopping baskets before we’d had a second flat white!”



“Finally into my print stride, I pulled out all the stops for date night, with this punchy red, polka dot print dress and a red lip! Much to my disbelief, this was my favourite look of the week – the wrap style shows off my shape in all the right places, and whilst I’ve teamed it with heels for the evening, I’ll give it extra style mileage by wearing it in the day with a denim jacket.”



“For the final day of my print challenge, this breezy skirt and white tee made the perfect combo for exploring a local Sunday market, and with it’s A-Line shape and vertical stripes, I’ll even be able to sneak in a Sunday roast, too! Although it’s the perfect summer skirt, I think when the weather cools down, I’ll also be able to switch up the look by pairing it with a cosy knit and ankle boots.”


“Despite the fact that I am a self-confessed print-phobe, with an aversion to anything that makes me stand out from the crowd, I’m starting to think I could be persuaded to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe. My favourite look was definitely the polka dot dress, but I also loved the heart print wrap dress and the striped skirt. Whilst I still have my reservations about going too OTT, I’m excited to start breaking up my usual muted wardrobe with some more fun pieces…mission, accomplished!”

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The Have-To-Have Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe NOW

Have To Have Samio

It’s official – we’ve got a girl crush on uber-cool fashion and lifestyle blogger, Samio Renalda. Hailing from Manchester, Samio is a fashion aficionado after our own heart, believing in quality over quantity and the power of mixing and matching her fave pieces. So we jumped at the chance to have her style up an edit of this season’s must-have pieces. If you covet these items as much as she does, you better be quick before they sell out!



There’s nothing we love more than a fashion multi-tasker (except cake, obvs), and this printed number ticks all the boxes for day-to-night style.

Samio agrees, saying: “I love the cut and fit of this poppy dress – it’s versatile enough to wear with heels for a special occasion, or you can dress it down with trainers and a denim jacket for day-to-day.”



No longer the sartorial territory of B*Witched – double denim is the look to be seen in this summer. Our ultimate #GirlCrush and Oasis-lover Holly Willoughby has already championed the look, and Samio is following suit (or blouse!) with our denim frill-seeker.

Our Senior Brand Stylist, Hannah Eichler says: “Whether you pair it with your favourite jeans for a laid-back look, or pop under a preppy pinafore dress, our frill blouse will become your most-loved layering piece. Double denim not for you? Tuck into a skirt or tailored culottes.” Flawless frills – ce la vie!



We don’t know if you’ve heard, but fashion land has gone dotty this season! Doing our very best impression of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, you’re guaranteed to turn heads in this polka midi, and it’ll look just as great with heels for an event as it will with trainers by day.

Hannah explains: “This dress may as well be awarded an OBE for services to flattering figures! The V neck will compliment busts, whilst the nipped-in waist will create an hourglass figure Kim Kardashian would be jealous of!”



It’s been nominated for a BAFTA for the most stylish solo performance (well, in our eyes anyway) and now our budding blooms jumpsuit is coming to a wardrobe near you.

Samio tells us: “I’m a big fan of jumpsuits and prints so, naturally, I was drawn to this one – I’d glam mine up with heels, but the jersey fabric means it can be worn with flats, too.”



Scoring a whopping three trends in one – petal prints, ruffles and bardot shoulders – florals really are groundbreaking this summer! Style it like Samio with a denim jacket, or take it into night-time territory with colour pop accessories.

Hannah says: “Apart from the fact this dress is the ultimate trend-ticker, it’s super hero skill is its crease-free fabric, which makes it perfect for both holiday packing and all day soirees alike.”



Nothing says summer like a floral top (OK, and Pimms. And ice-cream. And an inflatable unicorn…) and we love the frill trims and breezy cotton fabric of this cute cami. It even comes in a dress version – we’ll take both, please!

Samio says: “This floral cami is perfect for giving a feminine feel to my favourite Sophie carpenter jeans – I’ll finish the look with colourful block heels.”



Like the fashion equivalent of Paula Radcliffe, our floral frill skirt is guaranteed to go the distance. The monochrome styling makes it a look that’ll never date, and at just £35, the cost per wear is basically free – don’t you just love fashion maths?

Hannah says: “The best thing about this skirt is its versatility – wear now with a logo tee or sexy bardot and sandals, and come autumn, team with a polo neck, tights and boots.”

Race you to the checkout?

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9 Times Holly Willoughby Wore Oasis & Looked Amazing

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Lilac Ditsy Dress

Here at Oasis, we refer to a little something called, The Holly Willoughby Effect. That’s because whenever the ITV This Morning presenter wears Oasis – and kindly shares those dreamy outfits with her fans on Instagram – whatever she’s wearing sells out almost instantly.

Her posts get more love than all of the Love Island contestants put together (and yes, we might be a bit biased, but everything she wears is 100% our type on paper). From floral pencil skirts and statement skater dresses to pretty, print midis, here’s 9 times the Queen of Oasis sent the heart button into overdrive…

Holly Willoughby wearing floral midi dress

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

We didn’t think our best-selling floral midi dress from our collection with the Fitzwilliam Museum could get anymore sartorial love, but a quick twirl on Holly’s Instagram was all it took, and instantly it stole everyone’s (Insta) hearts, racking up a whopping 152k likes.

Holly Willoughby wearing Oasis Chambray Top

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Proof that wearing double denim doesn’t have to mean looking like Britney and Justin circa 2007. Holly teamed our gorgeous, prairie-inspired chambray frill top with a classic denim skirt, and the results? It’s a look!

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Lilac Ditsy Dress

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Purveyors of pigment, Pantone, called it when they made Ultra Violet the colour of the year for 2018. But it was Holly who made it official when she wore our spring statement dress in lovely lilac, and shared it on the ‘gram. You guessed it: instant sell-out.

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Floral Halter Bardot

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

We couldn’t write a blog post about Holly’s love affair with Oasis and not feature the dress of summer 2017. When she shared our halter neck, bardot floral midi, the post clocked up 97K likes, and sure enough, it sold old out before you could say ‘add to basket’.

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Yellow Floral Pencil Skirt

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

What do you do when life gives you lemons? Well, if you’re Beyoncé, you squeeze them into a record-breaking visual album. But if you’re Holly, you team the citrus shade with a seriously stunning floral pencil skirt and wait for the Insta likes to roll in.

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Pink Short Sleeve Knit

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Who says knits are just for winter? Take it from Holly: a short sleeve, fine knit in a dusky pink teamed with a pastel midi skirt is the perfect way to transform your woollens from winter-warmed to spring-fresh.

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Leopard Print Blouse

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Proving she’s one to walk on the wild side (and not just when she’s partying with Phillip Schofield after the National Television Awards) – Holly rocked our leopard print blouse with a sleek, leather pencil skirt and a pair of killer heels. We. Love.

Holly Willoughby Wears Oasis Orange Skater Dress

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Holly took citrus brights straight into autumn when she wore our frilling skater dress with tights and ankle boots. Orange you glad she did? (See what we did there? Sorry.)

Holly Willoughby Wearing Oasis Leather Shift Dress

Image credit: @hollywilloughby

Lesson in layering #1: a cream polo neck teamed with a black leather shift dress gets an A+ in the style grades. When Holly shared this look last autumn, she racked up an impressive 96k likes and, once again, the outfit sold out within the hour. *Files under autumn/winter 2018 style inspiration*.

Shop Holly’s Style

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