Decided to take up dancing as a New Year’s Resolution? Us too, that’s why we’ve called upon dance teacher Vikki Woodley¬†to share the basics and spill her top tips for getting into the industry.

Oasis – How did you get into dance?

Vikki – I started dancing as every little girl does, at about 2 years old. I always liked to be the centre of attention and this let me dress as a fairy and have people watch me! I then attended an audition for Tring Park Junior associate programme and started there when I was ten.

Oasis – What advice would you give to anybody trying to get into the industry?

Vikki – It’s hard work! If you really want something you have to fight to achieve it. Do all the classes you can and in as many styles as you can so that you’re versatile as a performer. And listen to the corrections your teachers give you.

Oasis – What advice would you give to anyone taking it up as a hobby?

Vikki – Try lots of different styles until you find the one you like. Then try different teachers. I remember the first Zumba class I went to and the teacher has so much energy, it was infectious. I wanted more so I went to another class with a different teacher and had a completely different experience and never went back. Find a teacher who you like and feel comfortable with.

Oasis – What has been the highlight of you career?

I think the first highlight was gaining a place at the Royal Academy of Dance to complete my first undergraduate degree – then my Post Grad Certificate of Education. I knew it was the best place for me to train as it’s the leading training society. Other highlights are when my students have ‘lightbulb moments’ and suddenly realise how to perform a step we’ve been working on – they are so pleased. Working with students everyday, there are always highlights when you see them grow in confidence in the studio and know that their new found confidence will impact on other aspects of their life.

Oasis – What does a typical week look like for you?

Vikki – A typical week for me starts at school by around 7.15am. I prepare resources for the day and answer emails before classes start at 8.40. I work in a secondary scjool so there are lots of other, non-dance related things that I have to deal with outside the classroom too. When school finishes at 3 I go to my other job where I teach Ballet, Tap, Modern and Zumba twice a week. The nights I’m not teaching I spend in meetings and with my husband at home.

Weekends are filled with Pilates classes, something I enjoy to do rather than teach. I also provide online tuition for the distance learning students from the Royal Acadamy of Dance. I LOVE my job and am lucky enough to interact with so many students from different areas and walks of life – and who wouldn’t want to do that?





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