What really makes the founder of Wild at Heart tick? We caught up with Nikki Tibbles to talk peonies, prints and perks…

So, how did you get into the flower business?
I have always been creative, but can’t sing or paint – I offered to help a close friend by creating the flowers for her wedding and something clicked, I had found my outlet in flowers. From there I took a chance, left my job in advertising and applied to be an apprentice for a South London florist.

And how did Wild at Heart come about?
After apprenticing for a while, I set up a very small studio in Southwark. Here, I received a letter from the council inviting florists to apply for tenancy of a potential flower shop in Notting-Hill. I quickly made up a large bouquet and sent it to the stated address alongside a gushing letter. Believe it or not, flattery will get you a very long, as I received the keys to our Turquoise Island shop the very next day!

Wild at Heart has gone from strength to strength and we now have three London based shops, a thriving nationwide delivery service and I am fortunate enough to have an incredibly talented team of creatives working on events and weddings globally. I’m still astounded and constantly grateful for the success and growth the business has enjoyed, however, it has taken a lot of hard work and dedication over the years.

You must’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years, are there any that stand out?
I am very fortunate to have met many incredibly talented and inspirational people over the years, people from all walks of life – I couldn’t possibly say…

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
It’s been an incredible number of years in the industry working with some of the world’s best event planners and clients. Each event or job is so different, it gives me immense gratification to see how our flowers can transform a space and how much joy that brings to each client. I couldn’t pin-point a specific high-light of my career, as each year seems to exceed the previous…

What’s your favourite bloom?
Peonies- they are so diverse and evolve over time, I love the way their beautiful chestnut like heads bloom into feminine, blousy flowers.

How did you decide on the florals for the new collection?
Initial talks of the Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart X Oasis collaboration started last spring – such a beautiful time for flowers, so I wasn’t short of inspiration. Peonies naturally came to mind for this collection, as one of my favourite flowers. With layer upon layer of textured petals, their large blousy heads lend themselves perfectly to print. Delphiniums are also too beautiful to resist at this time of year, such a striking flower that adds a different dimension to bouquets and arrangements, so I thought why not translate that onto fabric for this collection!

And your favourite piece?
The Jumper our lovely shop manager, Ruth, modelled for the Sunday Girl feature. The tones of the peony and delphinium print are just gorgeous!

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