Meet the Founders – Part Four: Amanda, The Global Glee Guru


Amanda spends her day ensuring colour, print and happiness is spread all over the world. What makes her happy? Let’s find out…

It’s Monday (arrrgh), but what little thing do you do to make the start of the week SO much better?
Everyone hates Mondays right?! So I make sure I get my caffeine fix first thing! Then I always make sure to coordinate trains with my BFF so we can natter about the weekend. it never fails to brighten up my Monday!

You’ve clocked into the Feelgood Foundry to discover your overalls have gone missing and you HAVE to pick a new set. Do you choose…

  1. Head-to-toe block colour
    B. Your favourite ditsy print
    C. Flamingos all-over
    D. Pretty polka dots

Flamingos every time. Nothing else says “I’ve arrived” quite like a fun and fabulous flamingo printed overall!


How long have your been spreading happiness all over the world? And what do you love about being a Founder?
This July I’ll celebrate my 4th year in the International team! The best part of my job is getting to see how much love there is for our brand around the world! Seeing teams in other countries excited and passionate about Oasis makes it all worthwhile.

Tea break! Do you dare to dunk?

I’m not a big biscuit fan… I know, shocking coming from an irish woman who was force-fed tea and biscuits most of her life! If I had to choose, it’d be something old school, like a custard cream.

Sugar? Or are you sweet enough already?
Sweet enough!

Whistle while you work?! At the Feelgood Foundry, it’s a spring/summer sing-a-long! Share your feelgood tune:
LMC ‘Take Me to the Clouds Above’ always reminds me of going out in my teens/twenties in Dublin

What did you want to be when you were a little Founder?
A vet! Doesn’t every little girl. Funny thing is im allergic to any animal with hair…

You’ve clocked off for the weekend – what’s your go-to feelgood outfit?
If it’s casual, I like something simple like a boyfriend jean with a tee and a bomber jacket. If I’m  going out-out, It’s always a dress for me.


And where do you escape to for a morning, afternoon or evening of smiles?
I have Greenwich on my doorstep which is always nice for an afternoon stroll and it has lovely restaurants – a good shout for lunch or dinner!

Are you already planning your feelgood summer? Do tell…
It will definitely involve a beach at some stage, and getting home to Ireland to spend time with the family and all their rugrats. We have amazing new openings happening internationally, but I can’t help but get excited for beer gardens with friends and generally just enjoying how beautiful London is at that time of year! Nothing quite like a stroll along the southbank on a warm summers day!

Finally, when was the last time you (quite literally) LOL’d?
Yesterday! When my colleague sent a chilli juice missile across the desk! Its been a long week, so it doesn’t take much and I’m easily amused.

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