Meet the Founders – Part Three: Sarah, Memory Maker


An exciting in-store competition, bustling Bessie the Bus, a fresh batch of scrumptious candy floss… sound familiar? No task is too big or small for Sarah, who makes sure every store has something to sing about.

It’s Monday (arrrgh), but what little thing do you do to make the start of the week SO much better?
Slip on a new pair of shoes… of course!

You’ve clocked into the Feelgood Foundry to discover your overalls have gone missing and you HAVE to pick a new set. Do you choose…

  1. Head-to-toe block colour
    B. Your favourite ditsy print
    C. Flamingos all-over
    D. Pretty polka dots

Pretty polka dots. I always try and make the best of a bad situation… and you know that Mr Blobby rocked a dot, so if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.


It’s the little touches that make a big difference – as a Founder, how will you be making shoppers smile this season?
The Feelgood Foundry Happiness Generator will be hitting the road this April serving up some spring time cocktails to keep you smiling. There are also some lovely tasting glittery candyfloss clouds that will be arriving in a store near you soon! Top tip: Make sure you eat all the way to the bottom to reveal a little extra sweet treat.

Tea break! Do you dare to dunk?
Always. Perhaps controversially, with a jaffa cake. Is it a cake? Is it a biscuit? Who knows! But it’ll thank you for a little dip.

Sarah-2Sugar? Or are you sweet enough already?
Just the one though! I may be a maker by trade but I’m not a builder…

Whistle while you work?! At the Feelgood Foundry, it’s a spring/summer sing-a-long! Share your feelgood tune:
Smash Mouth ‘All Star’. Because of Shrek, because it makes you smile and because “you’ll never know if you don’t go”

What did you want to be when you were a little Founder?
I always thought I wanted to be a midwife, being the oldest in my family I’ve always been surrounded by babies and thought it would be weird not having so many little ones around. But I soon realised that all you need to do is work in an office full of lovely ladies and the babies soon start appearing!

You’ve clocked off for the weekend – what’s your go-to feel-good outfit?
Although we’re very lucky to work in a fairly casual office, I still love my jeans on a weekend. My go-to outfit would be a pair of the Olivia jeans, a comfy tee with some statement accessories.

And where do you escape to for a morning, afternoon or evening of smiles?
I’d probably start with breakfast at Heaps Sausages in Greenwich (the best full English around and obvs the sausages are the dream). Then a walk to the top of the hill in Greenwich park (to try and burn of at least half a sausage) – the view from the top of Canary Wharf makes you feel very proud to be a Londoner and also like you’ve climbed a mountain, not just a steep hill!

Are you already planning your feel-good summer? Do tell…
This summer I’m going away with my best friends from uni. I love a plan but trying to coordinate six girls who live dotted around the UK is a bit of a mission, but oh so worth it!

Finally, when was the last time you (quite literally) LOL’d?
Can’t think of something appropriate! Haha – can I get back to you?

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