Meet the Founders – Part Two: Daisy, Petal Perfectionist


Slipped on an Oasis dress peppered with print? It started with Daisy and our in-house design team. With her passion for pattern, painting the petals is all in a day’s work for Daisy…

It’s Monday (arrrgh), but what little thing do you do to make the start of the week SO much better?
Pop into M&S to get some fruit for the week. Trying to start the week off healthily but this doesn’t usually last! Especially when the biscuits come out.

You’ve clocked into the Feelgood Foundry to discover your overalls have gone missing and you HAVE to pick a new set. Do you choose…

  1. Head-to-toe block colour
    B. Your favourite ditsy print
    C. Flamingos all-over
    D. Pretty polka dots

Head-to-toe block colour! There are still lots of colour-blocked outfits on the catwalks. This season it’s all about colour and finding your perfect combination, whether it’s tonal hues or mix and match.

BlogHow long have your been painting petals? And which flower is your favourite?
I’ve been working as a textile designer for over 15 years. And I’ve been at Oasis for 7! My first job was in a textile archive helping to digitise the huge collection of prints – archives are an incredible resource of inspiration for designers. This is why I love our collaborations; working with companies such as the V&A and the Warner Textile Archive has been really amazing and bringing historic archives to life is really special. I love all the flowers and the different styles they can be translated into print, whether it’s photographic, hand painted or abstracted. It’s really hard to choose a single one as A favourite, I like snowdrops because they are delicate and represent spring. Anemones and poppies because of their colour and black center. I love irises because of their colour combination. I also love flowers being displayed together as you get such good colour combinations.

Tea break! Do you dare to dunk?
There are always biscuits on the design table… anything with chocolate is always a winner.

Sugar? Or are you sweet enough already?
Definitely sweet enough!

Whistle while you work?! At the Feelgood Foundry, it’s a spring/summer sing-a-long! Share your feel-good tune:
Chilled Balearic beats are always good for designing to, plus they remind me of drinking a G&T around the pool last summer.

What did you want to be when you were a little Founder?
I always wanted to be a ballet dancer, I also played the flute so thought I could play the music to dance to!


You’ve clocked off for the weekend – what’s your go-to feel-good outfit?
Something comfy if I’m relaxing at home (like our loungewear collection), swapping for a pop of print when I’m heading out.

And where do you escape to for a morning, afternoon or evening of smiles?
The Fashion and Textile Museum is great for textile exhibitions – I’ve just seen the Josef Franks one! There are loads of interesting bars and shops around Oasis HQ. Redchurch Street, Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Hackney… always somewhere amazing for a drink or three.

Are you already planning your feel-good summer? Do tell…
I’m currently planning a summer holiday to one of the Greek Islands, and I’m going on a minibreak boating on the Norfolk Broads in the spring. Visiting the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show in Derbyshire in June – it’s the first year the show has been held there. I’ll be getting lots of print and colour inspiration!


Finally, when was the last time you (quite literally) LOL’d?
Well, I work with a pretty happy bunch! We’re always laughing at something… especially when we’re all singing along to the radio.

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