Meet the Founders – Part One: Tula, Smile Aficionado


When she’s not dancing around her kitchen to Northern Soul, Tula weaves her creative magic to create dreamy concepts that leave our shoppers with a Cheshire cat grin.

It’s Monday (arrrgh), but what little thing do you do to make the start of the week SO much better?

I play The Monday Smiles game, of course. The aim is to smile at as many people as possible and get them to smile back at me… you’d be surprised at just how many people do smile back.


You’ve clocked into the Feelgood Foundry to discover your overalls have gone missing and you HAVE to pick a new set. Do you choose…
A. Head-to-toe block colour
B. Your favourite ditsy print
C. Flamingos all-over
D. Pretty polka dots

Errrm, flamingos all over of course!  The reason?  They’re flamingos! No other reason needed…

crop1Your creativity is key in making the season one to remember, what do you love most about being a Founder?

Going down the rabbit hole into the magical world of Oasis with the amazing and super talented people I work and collaborate with. Nobody in the Feelgood Foundry bats an eyelid that I believe in fairies, unicorns, Father Christmas… and that I believe we can jump through paintings in pavements.

Tea break! Do you dare to dunk?

Dunking is always an adventure! 

Sugar? Or are you sweet enough already?

I’m a total sweetie addict, especially when it comes to those old-fashioned cherry lips shaped in a smile… funny that! I’m currently loving the rainbow swirl ‘unicorn poo’ meringue that arrived on my desk from the Meringue Girls this morning.





Crop2Whistle while you work?! At the Feelgood Foundry, it’s a spring/summer sing-a-long! Share your feel-good tune:
Love a good sing-along anthem in my kitchen (but never in public!) – these are a few of my faves…
Elbow ‘One Fine Day’
Bowie ‘Heroes’
The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’
The Ramones ‘Baby I Love You’
The Las ‘There She Goes (I’d have this played at my funeral!)
Martha Reeves & the Vandellas ‘Jimmy Mack’
And my all-time favourite northern soul track, Duke Browner ‘Crying Over You’


What did you want to be when you were a little Founder?

I so desperately wanted to be a time traveller. Not to mention Tinkerbell, Catwoman, a circus entertainer, a better ballet dancer, Mary Poppins… the list is endless!
You’ve clocked off for the weekend – what’s your go-to feel-good outfit?

Wings & a clutch bag … I have an scary amount of clutch bags.





tulaAnd where do you escape to for a morning, afternoon or evening of smiles?

I have my go-to perfect escapes & pastimes all of which I love to do with my friends or on my own. People watching, gigs at the Shepherd Bush Empire, a movie at the Electric Cinema, ballet, Chiswick carboot sale and discovering secret parts of London. Wilton’s Music Hall is a hidden gem.

Are you already planning your feelgood summer? Do tell…

I’m a sunshine person & Assos in kefalonia is a truly magical place … nothing but me & my best friend, sun, sand, sleep and smiles 

Finally, when was the last time you (quite literally) LOL’d?

I always Lol but esp with my best friend … she seriously is the funniest lol person I know 


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