If, like us, you spend a good proportion of your time in the office, you’ll know that it can be pretty tricky to decide what to wear when you wake up bleary eyed in the morning. To help out, we’ve had a chat to our next Monday to Friday Girl Robyn about what she wears to work

Oasis – Hi Robyn, tell us a bit about what you do?
Robyn – I work in Market Research. I could simply say that I Research the Market, but I’ll go into a little bit more depth than that! My expertise is in Quantitative Research, which involves collecting numerical data. Based on our clients’ needs, we will go through the process of creating a questionnaire to answer a specific business problem. This is then distributed to a target audience and collated for us to analyse the data and report back our findings to the clients.

Oasis – Sounds a bit fancier than “researching the market”! What does a typical working day look like?
Robyn – Depending on how busy I am, I will arrive in the office between 8:30-9:30. My first challenge is to scramble through any emails that may have come through overnight, and answer any queries. The majority of my work involves a lot of data within an excel spreadsheet or creating an eye catching PowerPoint document, so this will take up the majority of my time! I always have lunch at 1pm, and tend to take a stroll down the Thames if it’s nice out, or go to the café downstairs if it isn’t. Most days will include short meetings to ensure that everyone who is working on the same project is up to speed! I finish work at 5:30, again this is dependent on how busy the day is. Then 4 out of the 5 days I will always try to fit in some sort of exercise, ranging from jogs to weights!

Oasis – You’re making us feel a little guilty for going straight home and spending our evening with a big dinner.. . So, moving on swiftly, do you spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear to work?
Robyn – Yes – it’s usually what’s going through my head whilst trying to sleep! I hate wearing the same outfit twice within a two week period, so I will always try to mix it up each day! It is largely dependent on the weather, so of course I will check the weather forecast the night before to avoid wearing sandals on a day with torrential rain!

Oasis – Would you say you wear completely different things to work than you do at the weekend?
Robyn – Not completely, but there is a slight difference. Our office is relatively laid back when it comes to dress code, but I always like to smarten up a little more on a work day as I find it motivating! My weekends are usually spent in gym clothes!

Oasis – The weekends are all about comfort for us too! How would you describe your personal style?
Robyn – I can’t say I’m one to keep up with trends. I don’t limit myself: if I like it then I’ll buy it (with much deliberation into whether I actually need it). I love to wear dresses! Dresses are simple, and depending on how you accessorise, you can pretty much get away with them on all occasions! Summer is my favourite time of year, so anything floaty really takes my fancy!

Oasis – What’s the best fashion advice you’ve ever been given?
Robyn – Confidence is key! I used to be quite conscious with the opinions of others and how they would judge me based on what I am wearing. The only thing that really matters is whether you like it and you feel comfortable, embrace your style, it defines who you are and you shouldn’t be afraid of that!

Oasis – In our eyes, that’s the best advice you could ever receive. What are your tips for boardroom to bar dressing?
Robyn – Make sure what you’re wearing is comfortable! I have had long meetings wearing clothing that just didn’t sit well in certain places, which completely takes my concentration away from the meeting itself! Plus, shoes which I thought I could handle on an evening out, yet resulted in me sitting down for the majority of the night, which is no fun at all. Bringing me to my second tip, you can never go wrong with putting a pair of flat shoes in your purse, just in case!

Oasis – Why did you choose the outfit you’re wearing today?
Robyn – The main reason was because the sun was shining, I naturally gravitate towards dresses! I was also digging around my wardrobe the night before and realised that I hadn’t worn it for quite some time – benefits of being a hoarder!
Oasis – Now, that’s exactly the excuse for keeping our entire wardrobe that we were looking for!

Robyn is the second in our trio of Monday to Friday Girls, so be sure to check back next week for the last of our lovely ladies, but, until then, why don’t you read Robyn’s feature?

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