Meet Hannah, our senior stylist. She’s here to make your summer shopping stresses a thing of the past…

  1. To avoid holiday wardrobe dilemmas, always pack in outfits – lay everything out on your bed (even accessories!) and style up each outfit – almost like a mini holiday capsule wardrobe! This will avoid excess baggage charges!
  1. Stick to a colour palette of no more than three colours – that way when you’re away you can mix and match and everything will go together!
  1. Avoid arriving on holiday to a case of tangled jewellery – instead store your treasures in a daily pill dispenser for a cheap alternative to a jewellery pouch!
  1. If you’re travelling with hand luggage only, save precious space by taking a sarong instead of a towel. You can use this to lay on when sunbathing, plus it’ll dry super quickly if you wish to rinse it out and wear as a cover up in the evening.
  1. If you don’t fancy wearing your sun hat at the airport, make sure you pack it with the inside full of something like lingerie or socks to help it keep its shape. You can also save space by packing socks and underwear inside of shoes!
  1. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, add in a scented lavender bag. Failing that, pick one up on your travels in the local market for your next trip. Plus always take an extra bag to pack away dirty laundry.
  1. To avoid creasing, avoid folding and roll your clothes instead. Turning tailored pieces inside out and tucking in the sleeves will also keep clothes in shape!
  1. A lightweight knit or cardigan is an essential holiday piece – you can use it to keep warm if it gets chilly in the evenings.
  1. Don’t be tempted to take too many shoes as they’ll take up precious weight in your allowance! A pair of snazzy sandals or wedges for evening, a pair of flip flops, and a pair of comfy trainers or sandals for day time sightseeing are perfect.
  1. A see through washbag is perfect to keep all your toiletries organized, plus they are lightweight! Wash bags with see-through compartments are brilliant for organising your essentials, from dry shampoo to sun lotion. They tend to be lightweight and you can check quickly to see if you’ve forgotten anything. Remember to make sure all beauty items are less than 50ml if you’re planning to take them onboard a flight.
    Oasis Stylist
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