Meet Laura, our third Sunday Girl and Buying Co-ordinator extraordinaire!

Doesn’t she look classic styling out our Fleur Denim Skater Dress and Trench Coat? Let’s find out a little bit more about her…

Oasis – What’s your favourite thing about working in fashion?

Laura – Being around all the clothes! The sample cupboard is a place I can just get lost in sometimes, literally and figuratively!

Oasis – What made you get into buying?

Laura – I think I was most interested in the way buyers are predicting the future. To be able to predict the trends seasons ahead is such an interesting thing to me.

Oasis – What’s your favourite trend for AW’13?

Laura – I think the opulent textured fabrics are really cool – they’re pieces you can dress up for a night out but also wear back to skinny jeans.

Oasis – And what will your key buy for the season be?

Laura – I do love the masculine style coats that are around this season.They’re great in pastel colours and the deep rich berry red shades too.

Oasis – What’s your ultimate thing to do during autumn?

Laura – I think a movie night in with the girls is always fun, especially when it’s cold enough to snuggle under a blanket and make some popcorn too.

Oasis – Where will you wear your on trend denim dress this season?

Laura – It’s a great day dress so i’ll be wearing this everywhere with my boots and a statement coat.

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