Sunday Girl Works Laidback Weekend Style in Broderie


This week, we’re looking forward to the long weekend and our extra day off, so we kick back with our Sunday Girl, radio presenter and blogger, Emma Jo Real-Davies. We got to chatting about how to work broderie into your new-season wardrobe and nailing laidback weekend styling.

Hi Emma, thanks so much for agreeing to be one of our Sunday Girls! You’re a radio presenter, voiceover artist, blogger and you host your own podcast! How do you find time to keep on top of trends when you’re such a busy bee?

I do find it a struggle. Fortunately, because of the nature of my job (I work 6-10 in the mornings) I have a lot of time in the afternoon to mooch around the shops, chill in the gym with a magazine and stalk people on Instagram!

How does your look vary based on whether you’re presenting, doing voiceover work or working on a project for your blog?  

I’m very lucky being on the radio, because it means I can look as scruffy as I want when I go to work! If I could turn up in my pyjamas I definitely would… I usually go for a sweatshirt and jeans in the mornings, or dungarees and a t-shirt, something I can throw on easily at 4:30am. If I’m filming a video or going to another studio for a voiceover I’ll obviously make a lot more effort, but my style is still fairly casual – I’ll just jazz up an outfit with great accessories.

Our spring/summer campaign is all about making a splash this summer. What is your favourite way to make a splash with your style?

I’m really trying to make a splash with a bit of colour now and again! I’m a bit scared of bright colours, but this year I’m really going to make an effort to wear more orange and yellow. I’m very tempted by the Oasis ruffle jumpsuit. It’s so summery! 

Broderie is a huge trend this season. How will you be wearing it?

I’ve always loved broderie. It reminds me of holidays in the South of France. I’ll be wearing it with a pair of navy chinos, some simple white mules and a stripy canvas bag – channelling those French Riviera vibes!


What key trends are you most looking forward to introducing into your new-season wardrobe?

I am so in love with graphic straw hats, I can’t wait to wear one this summer! The Oasis ‘Bon Voyage’ hat is my absolute favourite. I’m also very excited about straw bags, straw shoes – all the straw accessories.

What are your favourite pieces from our spring/summer collections – anything you can’t wait to get your hands on?

This Oasis black wrap dress is super stylish and looks great dressed up or down. I’m also loving the collaboration with The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, the floral prints are flattering on everyone.

It’s that time of year when we start to get holiday-fever! What are the top three essential pieces you MUST have in your suitcase?

Definitely a gorgeous sunhat, a sundress for when you’re out and about during the daytime, and you can’t go on holiday without a bikini.

You used to live in Italy! How do you think British and Italian styles differ? Do you like to inject some Mediterranean style into your everyday looks?

Yes I did! Although only when I was very little, but I always feel like it’s my second home whenever I go back. The Italians dress SO well, they’re super stylish and always look very elegant. I try to dress in a British casual way, but always try to inject a bit of Italian glamour in my wardrobe too.


What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

I remember watching Trinny and Susanna when I was younger, and they said you should ‘never wear red with black because it makes your outfit look cheap’. Even though I’m sure that’s not true, I’ve never been able to wear the colours together!

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