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Hello petal! Have you heard the news?  We’ve launched our Floral Frocks range – a gorgeous vintage-inspired collection guaranteed to put a wiggle in your walk this Spring / Summer. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Secret Siren who are just as passionate about vintage as we are. As soon as they showed us their fabulous fifties frocks, we just couldn’t resist collaborating with them to create this limited edition collection.

Secret Siren travel the globe to find all things glamorous and create a shopping experience dedicated to the style icons they love, such as Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, Marlene Dietrich and Diana Dors. Our Design Director Clive caught up with Robin from Secret Siren to chat all things vintage, fashion and fabulous! His mantra? ‘More is more… Less is a bore’. We think we’re going to be firm friends!


1. Over to you… What’s your style story?

I studied the MA course for Fashion and Design and have worked in the fashion industry ever since. I’ve also run my own fashion label, which sold in London, Hong Kong and New York before I launched Secret Siren with my wife Alison.

2. The moment we became joined at the hip (well, floral frock…)

Clive has always known that I have a passion for print, especially fifties florals so it was a really natural choice to work together and we have very similar tastes when it comes to vintage.

3. Eeny meeny miny moe… Which is your favourite Floral Frocks piece?

I love the Vintage Rose print….it’s just so fifties. I also love the Printed Placement dress – it’s quite whimsical and unusual but the fact it’s mirrored gives it a modern feel

4. What do floral prints mean to you?

Florals are a fashion staple, and can be used in so many ways and styles…from very graphic, modern flowers, to sketchy black and white and full blown country bouquets. I have always thought that as a nation we do florals so well …… we are a nation of gardeners and our gardens are the envy of the world so we should be good at floral prints!

5. Star style – who’s the character of the collection?

I think it’s Doris Day as the collection is so classically fifties in style and colour.

6. Style me up, buttercup… How should I style the range?

Either combine prints for serious style points or work back with denim and washed out t-shirts. For night time, go for glam, with fifties stilettos, diamante jewels and classic black eyeliner.

7. Give us the gossip… tell us about your vintage shopping tricks of the trade

Heritage in Barcelona is a brilliant vintage store as is Golyester in Los Angeles. But our best vintage moment ever was in Buenos Aires… pure vintage heaven!

8. Something old, something new… tell us how we should mix vintage with our wardrobe.

The key trick to wearing vintage is to forget it’s vintage. Try to find something that’s a good fit but don’t be afraid to change details…for example lowering the neckline for a more flattering look. My other top tip is to mix the old with newer trends – a really formal looking frilly blouse in a vintage fabric looks great with denim shorts. Rip up the rule book and experiment!


Phew! We think we’re ready for our Mad Men moment. Shop our Floral Frocks range and catch up with Secret Siren and their vintage finds here.

Fall in love with our floral frocks

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