We simply refuse to believe that there’s anyone out there who doesn’t know the film The Notebook, and we’re pretty sure we’ve seen it more times than is probably acceptable, but we just can’t stop replaying those scenes. Hey, we may not have Ryan Gosling at our beck and call, but we can take some style inspiration from Allie Calhoun, and that’s one step closer, right?

“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”, and we’d happily recreate this scene (or, you know, just sunbathe) in this Geo print halter bikini top and bikini bottom.

Maybe keep out of the roads, but this traffic stopping knitwear is a dead ringer for our cute cardi. which looks absolutely perfect layered on top of the Rose Blossom print skater dress.

Doesn’t young love look so much better in a cute outfit? Why not team the Sheer Woven T-Shirt under the Utility Rose Playsuit.

Oh Allie, everyone makes mistakes, but at least you did it in something very similar to the Jessica denim midi dress.

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