The Pets Behind Our Knits & Sweats


Here at Oasis HQ, we love pets just as much as we love clothes. So, when we learned about the amazing work that Blue Cross do – a charity who look after around 40,000 abandoned, unwanted, ill or injured pets every year – we knew it was time to combine our love of the two.

We heard some of the most heart-warming stories about the pets that Blue Cross had rescued, so we decided to make them the sartorial heroes of our latest collection. Get ready to meet the pets behind our knits and sweats…



Nowadays, Prince enjoys starfishing on the sofa and tearing down the Christmas tree, but when he arrived at Blue Cross, it was a very different story. At 3 months old, Prince suffered a seizure after being thrown from a moving car. Once he was back on his paws, Prince was taken to Blue Cross’ rehoming centre in Southampton, where he found his loving new family. He’s been starfishing ever since…



Rupert was taken to a Blue Cross centre in Newport, after he was found severely injured by the side of the road. He was given the treatment he needed in hospital, before being moved to a rehoming centre. Luckily, it wasn’t long before Rupert was adopted by a new family, and now, he’s busy playing with them and his many toys (including an unconvincing mouse and a green feather that he can never quite catch).



When Flora was rescued, the Blue Cross in Ipswich weren’t sure if she would survive, but after three months of care, Flora was finally back on her paws. She was rehomed by her new owner, Mike, who had recently lost his wife and his previous dog within only few months of each other. Flora’s companionship helped to heal Mike’s heart, and he gave her the loving home that she deserved.



Discovered in an abandoned box on the District line, Victoria was one of the most unusual pieces of lost property that the underground staff had ever come across. After she was handed in, the tube workers took her to a nearby Blue Cross hospital in Victoria, London, where she was given her name. She was then taken to a rehoming centre in Lewknor, where she met her new family, who are just purrrfect for her.



Following the sad death of his owner, William and his family of four were brought to the Blue Cross centre in Southampton to be rehomed. Brothers, Tommy and Biggins were rehomed together in London, while William and mum, Maisie, found a family in Hampshire. William and Maisie now spend their days going for walks and snuggling up together around the house.



After a change in his owner’s circumstances, Harvey was taken to Blue Cross’s rehoming centre in Bromsgrove, where he was adopted by his new family. Although it’s never easy to be uprooted, Harvey is now happy in his new home where he enjoys spending time outside, playing with his toys and lying around looking cute.


Make A Donation

We’ve donated to Blue Cross to support the amazing work they do. You can also donate 50p at the checkout today, or text OASI50 with the amount you’d like to donate to 70070. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10.  (text charges are subject to your network operator’s standard rates).


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