Layering, knitwear, smiling Stylists and a little bit of chocolate. This is what you’ve been loving on Instagram this October…

1. Why have one jumper when you can have them all? It’s clearly not just us who think this crew neck jumper is perfect.

2. Hello, Sunday Girl! You might’ve met our Stylists in-store, but now it’s time to get to know them a little better. This is Danni and Anty from Bullring Birmingham.

3. Everyone’s got their eyes on THE Winter boots. Sade’s picked the Orla boot, but which one will you choose?

4. All our Stylists entered to win Style Scout 2015, but there could only be one winner – and YOU decided. Did you see who won?

5. Knit? Check. Suede skirt? Obviously. Perfect outfit? You betcha. Everyone loved this outfit when we popped it on Instagram, so why not meet your Stylist to recreate one that suits you?

6. Everyone’s been snapping their very best Oasis and uploading it with the hashtag #UpMyStreet to win a ¬£50 voucher – you’ve got ’til the end of the month¬†(31st October) to enter yourself!

7. Speaking of competitions, this was your chance to win the perfect coat. Our lucky winner was Lucy, but keep an eye on Instagram to see our newest comps first.

8. Stripe it right! The lovely girls in Bristol tweeted this photo and we couldn’t resist sharing it as well. Get her dress here.

9. As it was National Chocolate Week, we couldn’t not celebrate. Have you popped in-store to see if yours is one of the lucky ones to have (free!) sweet machines?

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