It’s been a year since our #DesignYourFuture Ireland AM competition. As if! We’ve loved watching Catherine Kelly’s clueless-inspired collection take form, so we couldn’t wait to sit down and have a little chat with our winning designer (no dream phone was available, unfortunately).

Oasis – Hi Catherine! Of course the first thing we’ve got to ask you is why did you decide to enter the competition?
Catherine – I had heard of the competition from my aunt Triona who had seen it on Ireland AM. At the time I had just graduated from a BA in fashion design from Limerick School of Art and Design and was working at home in Ennis saving up to move away and look for design opportunities. Amazing opportunities like Design Your Future don’t come around often, so I knew I had to give it a shot.

Oasis – And we’re so glad you did! Have you always wanted to head into fashion design?
Catherine – I’ve always been creative and I think I always knew that design was the path for me.

Oasis – We’d have to agree. What was it like to see your pieces come to life?
Catherine – It was very exciting to see my designs go into production. Seeing them through from start to finish – from design to shop floor – is really amazing, and I have learned so much in the process – I can’t wait to see customers wearing my pieces!

Oasis – Neither can we! We love your pastel-coloured pieces just as much as we’re sure the Oasis girl will, but what are your main sources of inspiration?
Catherine – Thank you! The main inspiration for the collection is taken from the movie Clueless and all things nineties. Being a child of the nineties, I love when something sparks nostalgia, like matching sets I would have had when I was younger (as featured in my collection!). A big focus for my collection is co-ords in soft pastel tones, pieces that can be worn as a set (in true Cher style), or mixed and matched as separates.

Oasis – We have to ask, what’s your ideal movie night? We bet it includes Clueless!
Catherine – Haha, yes I do love Clueless! Although I may have over watched it this year. My ideal movie night is just chilling at home in my PJs with family or friends , some treats and a cup of tea!

Oasis – Now it’s November, we can’t wait for the colder evenings and winter warmers, what’s your favourite thing about this time of year?
Catherine – I love this time of year, wrapping up in hats and scarves, going to markets with friends on the weekends. Or when I’m at home in Ireland, I love bringing my Dalmatian Oscar out for frosty morning walks with the family.

Oasis – What will you be wearing to keep cosy this season?
Catherine – I can’t wait to wear my fluffy crop swing jumpers! I love winter time, layering cosy knits, scarves and coats. Grey is such a big trend for Autumn Winter this year, I’ll definitely be layering textures and tones of grey.

Oasis – What was your favourite thing about winning Design Your Future?
Catherine – The experience I’ve gained, creating this collection and working within the design team I have learned so much. Also seeing my designs in store, with my name of the swing tags is really exciting!

Oasis – It really is – we can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Want to prove that you’re not “ensemble-y challenged”? Be sure to shop the Catherine Kelly collection.

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