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It’s British Flower Week and here at Oasis HQ we’ve been celebrating with plenty of blooms and bouquets. In fact, we love pretty flowers so much we’ve teamed up with the Flower Appreciation Society who’ve shown us how to create the perfect ‘Jam Jar Bouquet.’  Read on to find out how

Inspired by their new book: An A-Z of All Things Floral,  the lovely girls from the Flower Appreciation Society show you how to make your home prettier in 6 easy steps. 

You will need:
Scissors and a jar. Peonies, astrantias, dahlias, wild sweet peas, stocks, hellebores, mint and scabious.

Step 1:
Choose a selection of flowers in different shapes and sizes. Strip all leaves and thorns that might sit below water lever. Find a nice shaped jar and fill almost to the brim with cold water.

Step 2:
Lay your flowers out in neat groups. Select a medium-sized bloom and place in your left hand (the reverse if you are left-handed).

Step 3:
Now choose a different colour and shape and place on top of the first at a slight diagonal angle.

Step 4:
Continue adding flowers at a slight angle in a varied order, trying to avoid two flowers sitting too close together. Each time you add stems, turn the bunch using your free hand so that you are conscious for what is happening at every angle.

Step 5:
Stop when you are happy with the shape and size – bearing in mind the size of the jar. Hold the flowers in front of your jar so you can measure how much of the stem to cut off.

Step 6:

Place the arrangement into the jar, letting the flowers fall naturally.

Step 7:

Stand back, admire the composition then head here to get your mitts on a copy of the book.

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