Our next Sunday Girl is the wonderful Jane who’s behind all of the beautiful graphics you see online and in our stores. Want to know what makes our graphic designer’s Autumn? You’re in the right place!

Oasis – As it’s starting to get chilly you must be building up your winter wardrobe, but do you secretly prefer your summer one?
Jane – Definitely winter, nothing better than snuggling up in layers!

Oasis – Layers aside, if you could pick just one of thing, what would be your must-have for Autumn?
Jane – A fab coat – it always sets the tone for the season.

Oasis – It’s a good job you were selected for our Coat Edit! What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?
Jane – Cosy nights in, mulled wine – and my wedding this Christmas!

Oasis – We can’t wait to see the photos! What’s on your autumnal playlist to help keep you calm amongst all the planning?
Jane – I don’t really have a “planning playlist”, but when it’s cold outside and I’m snuggled up under my duvet I love listening to a little bit of Amy Winehouse.

Oasis – How would you describe your personal style?
Jane – Monochrome. I am always trying to persuade myself to be braver with colours but I can’t help myself!

Oasis – So long as you’re happy, does it really matter? Saying that, what’s the best style advice you’ve ever been given?
Jane – Just to wear something you feel great in.

Oasis – What’s the best thing about working at Oasis? 
Jane – The people. Sounds cheesy but it’s true! (Oh, and the discount isn’t bad either!).

We hope you’re enjoying our Coat Edit just as much as we are. Do you fancy a little slice of the action yourself? We’ve looking for Sunday Girls to star in our Christmas special and we want it to be you! Just upload your image and cross your fingers – all the information is here.

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