I Wore Prints For 7 Days & This Is What Happened


Here at Oasis, we’re all about spreading print, colour and happiness – our pattern rooms are home to so many prints, we give the National Portrait Gallery a run for its money! But while our HQ might be popping with everything from fancy florals, to polka dots, our Senior Brand Stylist, Hannah Eichler’s wardrobe is a different story. So, what happened when we challenged our style guru to a week of wearing print?


Hannah says: “Ok, it’s confession time…I have an irrational phobia of print. I’d describe my style as quite minimal, with the odd frill thrown in, and my colour palette is like a scene from 50 shades of grey (white and navy). Aside from a humble Breton stripe, I never wear print. So accepting a mission to embrace print for seven days straight seemed beyond daunting. But if it’s in the name of style, who am I to argue?”



“It’s back to work after the weekend, and in a bid to ease myself into the challenge gently, I decided to start with accessories and the foulard floral shopper. Wearing my fail-safe navy culottes made the bold print of the bag seem far less intimidating, and whilst I thought a clashing scarf might be overkill, the colours actually tied in perfectly with the rest of my look, pulling the whole thing together. Plus, I love how you can switch up this scarf and tie it in your hair, too!



“I’m shooting in the studio today, so I’m in need of something easy to wear, making the shirt dress the best contender. But, with its bright colours, the graphic stripes are a big departure from my beloved Breton. Luckily I receive loads of compliments from the rest of my team on how the chevron stripes have flattered my bust and waist so I’m starting to feel more print confident!”



“The lips might be my most used emoji, but wearing such a kitsch print is way out of my comfort zone! I wouldn’t usually wear a print in such a figure-hugging style as I’m often conscious of drawing too much attention to myself. So, I slipped a white tee underneath to make it feel a little bit more ‘me.’ And it worked! By the end of the day the print had really grown on me and I felt like I would even consider wearing it on a night out with a pair of heels!”



“Wrap dresses have been taking over my Instagram feed lately, and my friends have been raving about how flattering they are, so, despite my reservations, I was looking forward to trying this one! I’ve got curves, so I was beyond happy with how my bust, waist AND legs look – I almost fancied myself a bit!”



“I’ve long been fan of the one(sie) show (see what I did there?), but this floral style isn’t something I would usually pick, preferring a more neutral look. But the girls at work encouraged me to wear this for Friday night cocktails, and I was surprised at how the bright coral hue and floral prints boosted my mood and my confidence! I decided to let the print do the talking by keeping accessories simple – I picked out a pretty nude shade, but a cobalt blue is perfect if you’re feeling more daring!”



“Clashing prints and a hanky hem made this dress the most nerve-wracking look out of the week, but thanks to the super soft jersey fabric, I felt really comfortable wearing it to go for brunch with the girls (especially after all that avo on toast!). My friends were also big fans and were adding it to their shopping baskets before we’d had a second flat white!”



“Finally into my print stride, I pulled out all the stops for date night, with this punchy red, polka dot print dress and a red lip! Much to my disbelief, this was my favourite look of the week – the wrap style shows off my shape in all the right places, and whilst I’ve teamed it with heels for the evening, I’ll give it extra style mileage by wearing it in the day with a denim jacket.”



“For the final day of my print challenge, this breezy skirt and white tee made the perfect combo for exploring a local Sunday market, and with it’s A-Line shape and vertical stripes, I’ll even be able to sneak in a Sunday roast, too! Although it’s the perfect summer skirt, I think when the weather cools down, I’ll also be able to switch up the look by pairing it with a cosy knit and ankle boots.”


“Despite the fact that I am a self-confessed print-phobe, with an aversion to anything that makes me stand out from the crowd, I’m starting to think I could be persuaded to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe. My favourite look was definitely the polka dot dress, but I also loved the heart print wrap dress and the striped skirt. Whilst I still have my reservations about going too OTT, I’m excited to start breaking up my usual muted wardrobe with some more fun pieces…mission, accomplished!”

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