The fun is in the detail, and everything in our autumn campaign – from the perfected pouts and super-cosy knits – became an important part of our Oasis wonderland. We couldn’t let our Oasis girl’s nail go bare, so the Illustrated Nail stepped up and painted things pretty.

Oasis – It’s safe to say we were pretty pleased with your beautiful creation for our campaign, but what was your favourite scene from it?
Sophie – I absolutely loved everything about the campaign. The set was just amazing! I loved the carousel scene so much.

Oasis – We loved it too – although there were so many scenes to choose from! Do you see nail art as ten separate canvases, or a series?
Sophie – It depends what look you want to achieve, but on shoots I see the look as a whole as it all needs to work together. Sometimes a client might want something completely different on every nail.

Oasis – Top tips for campaign inspired nails?
Sophie – Simple, graphic, yet bold is best.

Oasis – Who, what or where inspires you most when creating nail art?
Sophie – I can be inspired by so many different things, from anywhere, from anyone! I take inspiration from art, design, fashion, prints, patterns, graffiti, posters, books, tattoos, architecture… I take so many photos of things that I see that could inspire nail art on a daily basis. I also keep scrapbooks of patterns/posters/packaging and I love Pinterest for inspiration and keeping my ideas organised!

Oasis – We love the matchy matchy trend, how often do you match your nails to your outfit?
Sophie – I love matching my nails to my outfit! I really enjoy recreating prints, patterns and textures from my clothes and from the catwalk.

Oasis – And when you’re not in full-on fashionista mode, what’s your idea of the perfect pamper evening?
Sophie – I love having a pedicure, it makes you feel like you’re walking on air and it’s so relaxing. Then a face mask and a movie with popcorn and a glass of wine – perfection!

Oasis – How many different nail varnishes do you own? Where do you store them?
Sophie – Far too many to count. I actually have no idea but it’s an obscene amount! I have a whole wall from floor to ceiling of polishes on shelves that I made specially to keep them all in order. But even then I have buckets full of polishes as there isn’t enough space!

Oasis – That’s a truly impressive collection! What’s your favourite nail art you’ve ever done, and who was it for?
Sophie – My first ever photo shoot was with MIA and Donatella Versace for W Magazine. I did MIA a floral Versace inspired print on her nails and Donatella said they were “just fabulous!” so this has probably got to be my favourite. Although I seriously loved the pineapple nails I did for Oasis on the spring/summer 2014 campaign.

Oasis – Last but not least, we couldn’t let you go without asking what it’s like working with Oasis? Be nice!
Sophie – I love it. It’s always so inspiring working on the Oasis campaigns. I love seeing the set ideas come to life, they always blow me away. And I love coming up with the nail art to match the theme of the set, it’s so much fun. Plus I get to see the new collection first!

Phew – we’re glad Sophie was happy to work with us!

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