Have you heard of the latest new Spinning craze in London – Psycle? It’s been featured in every magazine from ELLE to Vogue and everything inbetween and only opened its doors a few weeks ago so not wanting to feel left out, we at Oasis got ourselves down for a sneaky workout. What did we think? Well you’ll have to read on to find out more…

So when team Oasis headed on down to the Psycle Studios earlier this week we were not quite sure what to expect. A rave, in a spinning studio with flashing lights run by ex-broadway dancers? Sounds intimidating! But actually when we were handed our cleated shoes and wandered down to the studio with our instructor Rhian we were a lot less scared.

Forgetting we’d signed up to the hard class (eek!) we wandered in and were shown to our pre-booked bikes whilst an instructor set us up to the right seat height and specifications. We dutifully chose our hand weights and clicked our heels onto the bike – this was it we were locked in for the ride. Then the music started, the lights dimmed and we were ready to start.

So how did we feel after? Well the class was HARD WORK! We came out sweating (a lot) but feeling brilliant! In 45 minutes (it definitely goes faster than it seems) we cycled to songs so fast our legs could hardly keep up, turned up our resistance so much that we could hardly move and pumped weights whilst gently cycling to the beat finishing off with a meditative track to relax to  . The lights were dark except for rave style coloured flashes on the ceiling and we almost didn’t want the class to end…almost!

Even better were the changing rooms at the end. With towels already provided, we lathered up with the Bumble & Bumble shampoo and tamed our tresses with GHD hairdryers and straighteners. Verdict? This is a spin studio we could get used to…

We already getting psyched up for our next class…now pass us the cleats! Find out more about how to book your own class here and look out for more Psycle studios opening up very soon.

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