Lounging: MEET CHLOE


We caught up with our Press Assistant, Chloe, to talk rest and relaxation. When she’s not busy in the world of press, she’s heading to the gym or unwinding at home in her comfy clothes.

How often do you pop our for a pint of milk in your loungewear?
My high-school uniform consisted of a long brown skirt, and we used to wear PJs underneath them to keep us warm. One day, my mum told me that it would be the most embarrassing thing ever if I ended up in hospital and they discovered that I was wearing PJs, and since then, I’ve never left the house in anything like that!


What’s your perfect Sunday?
Morning Gym session followed by brunch out somewhere super cute and then a Netflix session in the evening!

Friday night out or Friday night in-front of the TV?
Completely depends on who I’m spending my Friday night with! I love Friday nights spent in a cool bar drinking cocktails but equally love slumping in front of the TV with a plate of nachos the size of my face.



What’s your definition of loungewear?
Comfy clothes that I wouldn’t mind my post-man seeing me in. I also want to be able to sleep in my loungewear, dance around my living room with my sister in my loungewear and it to provide enough stretch to enable me to paint my toenails.

What’s your favourite product from the collection?
Definitely the cardigan from my photos. It’s so easy to just throw on and super soft!




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