Love jumping into your comfy clothes as soon as you walk through the door? You’re not alone. Our Ecommerce Coordinator Stephanie loves to recharge her batteries on a Friday night – and we’re sure she’s not alone on that one either!

How often do you pop our for a pint of milk in your loungewear?
Rarely, as there isn’t a shop nearby unfortunately!  However I have popped out for ice-cream in my lounge clothes if that counts?!

What’s your perfect Sunday?
A lovely lie-in, brunch at a little local cafe in Tooting and exploring London. Especially this time of year, the parks are so beautiful with autumnal colours.



Friday night out or Friday night in-front of the TV?
After a busy week I prefer to have Friday night in and recharge my batteries then have a proper night out on Saturday.

What’s your definition of loungewear?
Loungewear is something I look forward to jumping into as soon as I get in from work. Even after shopping or a trip out with family or meal with my boyfriend I always head straight to the comfiest trousers I own, then maybe throw on a hoody and fluffy socks when it gets colder. For me it means leaving your day behind you and relaxing in front of the TV.


What’s your favourite piece from the collection?
It has to be the charcoal lounge trousers with ruched sides. They’re so light and comfy and the cute pink ties add a feminine touch.



Like the look? Steal Steph’s style here

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