Workwear is anything but dull at Oasis so we’ve had a chat to the inspiring women who know how to style a two-piece suit come wind, rain or shine!

Erin – Primary School Teacher

Oasis – Hi Erin, thanks for chatting to us for the blog! So tell us have you always wanted to be a Primary School Teacher?

Erin – Well I’ve always been interested in working with young people but I have worked in a few different industries before settling down into this industry. I’ve never regretted the decision to retain though as I find my job so rewarding!

Oasis – So working with children, how do you like to dress for work?

Erin – I do always seem to be in a rush in the mornings so I have to plan my outfits the night before (in fact just leaving the house looking presentable is a result!) I do need to look professional as a teacher but my outfit has to be functional too as I’m often running around a lot and there’s always room for a *touch* of glamour…

Oasis – We agree! So do you tend to bring trends into the office then?

Erin – Oh definitely. As a mum of three it’s nice to be able to dress up a bit for work and try out new styles and trends.

Oasis – And do you have any fashion don’ts for the work place?

Erin – I try not to wear anything too tight or too short as I’d never feel comfortable in it and as much as i love my high heels they’re so tiring to wear when you’re on your feet all day.

Oasis – So how do you accessorize your look for work?

Erin – I love jewellery but having a baby, anything that sparkles tends to get grabbed. Saying that I do like wearing belts or bracelets to add a pop of colour to my look.

Oasis – Good idea. So tell us about your must-wear trends for spring?

Erin – Well I love skirts so I’m looking forward to trying out some of the vintage inspired midi length pieces that are starting to come through.

Lauren – Media Strategy Consultant

Oasis – Hi Lauren, it sounds like you’ve got an exciting job! How did you become a media strategy consultant?

Lauren – Well I used to work for a website selling advertising space to media agencies. One of the agencies that I worked with approached me about the position and the rest is history…

Oasis – Wow very impressive. So how do you like to dress for work?

Lauren – I do like to dress quite smart casual but it depends on what I’m doing with my day. If I’ve got client meetings then I’ll make sure I’m dressed up smart.

Oasis – So whether you’re dressing smart or casual, do you try to bring trends into the office?

Lauren – I do love fashion so if I can wear a new trend to work then I will do. Recently i’ve been wearing shoft blouses with trousers or high waisted skirts as they look good in the office and out and about in the evening.

Oasis – What are your fashion don’ts for the work place?

Lauren – I think it’s really important to keep your weekend and work wardrobes separate so that you can mentally differentiate between the two. One for work and one for play!

Oasis – We like that advice. So do you tend to wear accessories to work?

Lauren – I do tend to wear stud earrings, rings and bracelets to work but I like to save large earrings and necklaces for the weekend.

Oasis – And finally what’s your must-wear trend for spring?

Lauren – I love anything pastel coloured this season, it makes me feel like a kid in a candy store!


Cristina – Marketing Campaign Executive

Oasis – Hi Cristina, so you’re a creative type then are you? Tell us about how you became a Marketing Campaign Executive?

Cristina – Back at University when I was studying International Business and Modern Languages, I chose marketing as one of my main electives and really enjoyed it. I then did some work experience in marketing and took a year out to travel and when I came back I moved to London and came to work for Virgin Media.

Oasis – How exciting! So how do you like to dress for work?

Cristina – I think my office is pretty casual so I tend to wear whatever I feel comfortable in. My go to outfit would be a pair of jeans or a skirt with a cute blouse and blazer with boots or brogues. Or if I’m feeling slightly more girly then a printed skater dress with a cropped jumper over the top. I tend to be quite preppy as I prefer being a little bit smarter at work than how I dress at the weekends. Whatever I wear needs to be functional and comfortable for sitting in an office all day.

Oasis – Do you tend to bring trends into the office?

Cristina – I don’t follow trends religiously so my style doesn’t actually change that much over time. I prefer to just update it with a new print or colour so that might be something like wearing a printed jean or leather skirt to work.

Oasis – What are your fashion don’ts for the work place?

Cristina – I never really over accessorize so I I try to wear minimal jewellery, just a watch and some stud earrings. I’m not one for big necklaces or dangly earrings! Handbags and shoes are a different matter though…they’re my weakness, so I change my bag and shoes daily depending on my outfit. I do have a commuter trainer that’s particularly bright as I walk to work but I change into my heels when I get to my desk.

Oasis – And finally what’s your must-wear trend for spring?

Cristina – I have just bought a pair of black and white gingham jeans. a pair of silky shorts and a floral t-shirt which are going to be perfect for spring. Also I think coloured coats are a necessity for spring in the UK as it’s freezing so I’ve got a pink one I’ll be wearing. And I do love the trend for crisp cropped shirts on neutral or pastel colours, that’s perfect for work.

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