It’s funny the things you overhear when walking down the street, but it’s even funnier when you overhear your colleagues! Here’s a little insight into the Oasis lifts on Talk in an Elevator Day.

“I haven’t instagrammed for a week, what’s wrong with me?”

“Valencia just makes me look too tanned”

[About our sample sale] “It’s not time to be a lady, get in there.”

“There’s no use crying over squashed blueberries”

“No, man with Bart Simpson cufflinks, you can’t have my number”

“You hadn’t me at hello”

“So he shaved off his beard and I don’t think I like his face now. Is that mean?”

“Louboutin taste and LIDL budget”

“I love Barcelona, but it’s a bit gaudy for my tastes at times”

“Just dropped my sandwich all down me. Crumbs.”

“Just accidentally put both Earl Grey and English Breakfast teabags in my mug. I’ve created a monster.”

“Today I stood next to a man on the tube wearing a fedora, navy coat and a satchel, whilst wearing a fedora, navy coat and a satchel.”

“I miss my pre-internet brain”

“Is it acceptable to eat a crème egg in the workplace?”

“There are six floors? Is the air thin up there?”

“I love Pinterest, it’s like real life, but better”

“Is butter actually a carb though?”

“…but I don’t go in the sort of clubs where you want to be sober.”

“I can’t believe I’m having to cut my own carrots, but I just can’t have my hummus without them”

“If you like it then you should’ve put a wheel on it”

Have you overheard anything amusing recently? Comment to let us know, and we’ll share the best ones on twitter!

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