When we get home, there’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good cup of tea and catching up with our favourite fashion blogs. So when we got the chance to find out more about Patricia Bright (and, you know, fangirl a little), we were more than happy to put the kettle on.

Oasis – Hello Partricia, we’re more than happy for you to style up over new collection, but what is it in particular which made you want to work with us?
Patricia – Oasis was actually the first store I worked for as a student. I worked part time for four years with the brand through university, so it was a great chance to work someone I knew and had a soft spot for.

Oasis – And we sure do miss you lady! When did you first get into blogging and what keeps you going now you’re established?
Patricia – I started about two years ago as a blogger, I had been creating youtube videos for a few more years but loved the imagery that I saw on other blogs and wanted to take part.A lot of it is cultural, I love to travel, and when I am in a city or town or village that looks beautiful, I feel beautiful, from the shores of Thailand to the South of France what I see around me inspires me.

Oasis – When did it occur to you that your blog was gaining popularity?
Patricia – It still hasn’t really occurred to me, as it stands I just love getting ready travelling and taking pictures I enjoy, so being able to share it is great. But I’m glad that great brands are more aware and want to work on more projects with me.

Oasis – What do you love most about what you do?
Patricia – The opportunity to meet followers and readers is amazing, the community is so encouraging and it really inspires me to continue. I get some great opportunities to work with different brands which I may not have had the chance to do otherwise.

Oasis – You clearly live and breathe fashion so must know exactly what’s forecast for the next season, but what is your favourite trend right now?
Patricia – Monocrome, I wear a lot of black and white… by which I mean I wear it all the time!

Oasis – So, how would you fit that into your own personal style?
Patricia – My style is feminine with an edge sometimes, and my style essentials are something black, strappy heels, and something textured. My must-have this season is a pair of big sunglasses, which always finishes a monochrome look perfectly.

Oasis – What is your favourite piece from the current Oasis collection and why?
Patricia – I love the leather jacket with the fleece lining because it has me written all over it: there is an edgy element with the leather, but the comfort of the fleece which I know will keep me warm in winter.

Oasis – What makes you happiest?
Patricia – My family and husband. My perfect day would involve waking up early, having a cup of tea in the garden, the sun shining, writing a blog post or two then having brunch with my sister and going on a long, calming walk before coming home to chill out and eat a hot meal.

Oasis – Has your style changed since you began blogging?  And if so, how?
Patricia – My style has changed so much, I honestly had no style when I started I was just a student so jeans and a bit of DIY was what I was working with. Now I see other bloggers like Angelica Blick and Lindatol as fashion inspiration and I am a little more thoughtful about how I put outfits together, but I still have hits and misses.
Oasis – Who doesn’t? We’ve had our fair share of wardrobe disasters in our time!

Patricia’s such a trend setter that her entire outfit has now sold out – however, we’ve got plenty more matchy matchy where that came from, including the pretty pink top and bottoms!

Company have asked a load of our favourite bloggers to style up the high street, so find out who else has got involved here, and be sure to buy the magazine when it hits newsstands.

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