We picked up the phone for a little transatlantic chat with the photographer behind our beautiful new floral collection.

Oasis – How did the Oasis collaboration come about?
– It was pretty serendipitous, I’d been experimenting with printing my botanical images on silk using an ink-jet process and was just considering finding a brand to work with when I heard from Clive Reeve, the Oasis Design Director. He’d seen my work displayed at Kew Gardens in London.

Oasis – How would you describe your style of photography?
John – I would say that my work has a ‘largeness’ about it. So many people make images today, it’s an interesting and worthy challenge to create work that stands out and sets you apart. One of my pieces has just been picked up by Apple and used as a wallpaper for their new iOS.

While we admire our new phone wallpaper, we asked John Grant about the prints themselves…

“The Ranunculi and Anemone flowers on this jumper were grown in my own garden. Here. the texture and the fluffiness of the petals blend perfectly with the rich aubergine of the background.”

White Dahlia
“The amazing Dahlia that I used for this print was grown by a dear friend who provides flowers for weddings.She has almost a full acre of just white Dahlias and I had the pick of the lot. The artwork was perfect in every detail. We darkened and tinted the image to add to the elegance of the flowing design, which made the dahlia softly emerge from the black background.”

Lotus Blossom
“A friend of mine has a gorgeous pond filled with Lotus plants that bloom every Summer. The smell is incredible: intoxicating and exotic. These plants are one of my favourites to photograph using my scanning technique.”

Sound like the pick of the bunch? Shop the John Grant collection.

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