We’re so very excited here at Oasis HQ to be collaborating on a capsule collection with a graduate from Central St Martin<’s, Rebecca Lefevre. Having discovered her when walking around the New Designers Exhibition in London, Rebecca’s neon colour fabrics shone out like a beacon and we’ve woven these into jacquard prints and used them on colourful textiles on a capsule collection for spring. We spoke to Rebecca to find out what inspired her to design and what she hopes to do with her career from here.

Oasis: Hi Rebecca! We love your collection so much here at Oasis HQ but we’d love to know which is your favourite piece?

Rebecca: Ooh that’s a tough choice! It would have to be the neon-coral dress with the woven scallop pattern, it’s gorgeous and flattering and I’d wear it everywhere!

Oasis: You obviously love interesting textures and fabrications but what made you want to become a textile designer?

Rebecca: I’ve always been very creative and tactile so I think design has always been in me. I remember dreading choosing a textile pathway in secondary school because I hated sewing but I enjoyed the challenge and ever since it’s been something I love doing and have longed to pursue.

Oasis: Our Design Director said that your vibrant colour combinations and unique jacquard work ‘sparked his imagination.’ How would you describe your design style?

Rebecca: Colourful, eclectic and bold! I take inspiration from everything around me and like a magpie I collect things and ideas from everywhere which comes across in my work in an eclectic fashion. I also enjoy working with lots of different mediums and processes which I find keeps my work exciting and energetic.

Oasis: Vintage and antiques are often quoted as being the main source of inspiration for designers. Is this true for you too or are there other inspirations at play in your work?

Rebecca: Everything that surrounds me inspires me, whether that’s my room, garden, Brixton, museums, galleries, exhibitions, films or music. I am though currently fascinated if not obsessed by the kinds of things we tend to collect in our homes and the stories that come with them. Sometimes a mantelpiece or shelf can be like a woven tapestry itself.

Oasis: We love to make shopping social at Oasis and always follow our favourite magazines, celebrities and bloggers. Who do you follow and why?

Rebecca: I’m currently in love with Lula Magazine and I absolutely adore the styling by Leith Clark which is amazing so I obviously follow her. Twitter’s also really great during fashion week as you can get all the updates and sneak peeks at the latest collections from your favourite designers.

Oasis: Celebrities have such a massive influence when it comes to fashion so who would you love to see wearing one of your designs?

Rebecca: Probably someone like Elle Fanning, she has such a cool style and I’d be so flattered!

Oasis: This summer we’ve taken inspiration from foreign lands, most notably Mexico, Sicily and Asia.
Oasis: If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Rebecca: Anywhere really hot and sunny, although I do fantasize about travelling on the Trans-Siberian Express. There is something really romantic about travelling on trains, and whilst the idea of back-packing adventure totally excites me, I also love the idea of being in total comfort whilst travelling through vast and rural landscapes.

Oasis: What’s your favourite on-trend look right now and are there any looks from the past that you’d rather forget?

Rebecca: I’m so excited about spring/summer 2013 and I think its going to be a promising season. I love the fresh colour palette, the vibrant mix of prints and metallic’s which I’ll definitely be buying this season. Hmm a look I can’t wait to forget…I once went through a ‘skater girl’ phase and wore these hideous trousers that were too short and 2 sizes too big, a bit like ankle bashers. For some reason I though they were uber hip at the time…it didn’t get any better when I home bleached my hair and cut it all off!

Oasis: The fashion industry is increasingly competitive, what’s your advice to anyone who dreams of following in your footsteps?

Rebecca: Work hard and play hard! It’s going to sound corny but always stay true to your intuition and really believe in yourself. It’s important to be passionate and excited of your work and be fearless of failure.

Oasis: It’s been so lovely speaking to you! Just finally, we’re thrilled to have worked with such a talented young textile designer, where do you hope to be in 5 years time and what do you hope to be working on?

Rebecca: Well I’ve just bought a weaving loom – it’s very small and basic but I hope to set up a small studio and get weaving again very soon. Ultimately my dream is to be working in partnership with a fashion designer or pattern cutter with a similar design aesthetic to create woven textiles for womenswear.

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