A classic red lip is seen by many to be the finishing touch to a perfect outfit, but it doesn’t come hassle-free. If you’ve ever had to physically restrain yourself from entering Boots for fear of the apocalips happening (to your bank balance), then we’re sure you feel our pain.

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1. Finding out that Alexa Chung wears Ruby Woo, then buying Ruby Woo and being disappointed that you still look nothing like Alexa Chung.

2. Not a problem, but knowing exactly which glass is yours as your signature shade is left on the rim…

3. … but it is a problem when the dishwasher hasn’t cleaned off the previous person’s. Ew.

4. Returning from a pharmacy looking like you’ve got a rash on your hand, when in reality you just swatched the new-in section.

5. Accessorising with a red lip in the day time – then spend the whole day worrying that you’ve made too much effort.

6. The lid coming off inside your new cream handbag. Disaster.

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7. Slowly making your lips bigger as you slightly mess up the edge when you don’t have time to use lip-liner, and looking slightly like Ronald McDonald.

8. And even when you do apply it perfectly, reaching in your bag to reapply after a few hours to find you’ve forgotten a mirror.

9. After a couple of drinks, thinking you actually can put on lipstick without a mirror (when you definitely, definitely can’t).

10. Having to reapply lipstick on the bus. Whilst on a roundabout.

11. When you’re having a bad day, then you apply lipstick on your lunch and feel instantly 100 times better!

12. Deliberately sporting a matte lipstick on date night so that if you end up kissing, they won’t end up sporting a red lip too

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