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Sunday Girl is back and this month we’re getting excited about the launch of our brand new ‘Make A Splash’ spring/summer campaign. To celebrate we’re talking to four amazing bloggers all about their favourite ways to make a splash with their style this season. First up is journalist and blogger Rachel Toal.

Hi Rachel, thanks so much for agreeing to be one of our Sunday Girls! You’re a journalist and a mum, how do you find time to keep on top of trends when it comes to your wardrobe?

It’s an honour (and I must say, very nice to be known as a Sunday Girl!). When it comes to trend spotting, online shopping is an absolute godsend. Juggling my work and the kids means it can be hard to physically get to the shops. I’ll often be found on the sofa of an evening, browsing the latest trends on Instagram (and, inevitably at times, being drawn to that virtual checkout!).  Saying that, nothing beats a good in-store trying on session.

Our spring/summer campaign is all about making a splash this summer. What is your favourite way to make waves with your style?

These days, I prefer my outfits to stand out, not blend in. Statement prints and strong colours feature heavily in my wardrobe. I’m not one to shy away from bold outfit choices. I love to play around with quirky prints. Whether it’s a polka dot jumpsuit or slogan sweater, the more eye-catching the better! My style philosophy is that I’d rather be over-dressed than under-dressed.


Colour and novelty prints are a huge trend this season. How will you be wearing them?

I adore a strong print; the quirkier the better! From seahorses to stripes, I’ll be mixing and matching this season. I’d never have been seen dead colour clashing a few seasons ago; now I think ‘bring it on!’ Pink with red, rainbow hues next to polka dots, and slogans with animal print are all combos I’m planning to wear this season. I’m also loving the nod to nostalgia. A cute seventies-style midi dress or retro pair of dungarees gets me every time.

Your Instagram feed is packed with ways to wear colour. What are your top tips for abandoning boring black in favour of rainbow brights?

It wasn’t always that way for me! I used to stick to a pretty dark, neutral palette, but as the years have gone by I’ve abandoned black in favour of rainbow tones. I’d say if you’re nervous about going the whole hog, start with accessories. With the trend for bright statement earrings, there’s never been a safer way to experiment with little pops of colour. Eye-catching shoes or a vivid handbag are risk-free ways to introduce brights. Then when your confidence is up, you can start being brave with clothes. I really believe there’s a shade of every colour to suit everyone.


What key trends are you most looking forward to introducing into your new-season wardrobe?

Where to start?! We’re spoilt for choice this season. I’m loving the popularity of polka dots and stripes. Rainbow hues, obviously, are another big pull for me. And sometimes it’s nice to go for a full-on monochrome look too. Ruffles and tiered skirts are quite a new thing for me. I’m looking forward to giving those a go for an entirely new look. And I might be brave this season (with the aid of copious self-tan!) and get my legs out for the on-trend short suit.

You can be seen in front of the camera presenting, and behind the scenes doing voiceover work. Does your style change depending on what you’re working on?

My style’s pretty consistent in that I’m generally always seen in my go-to brights and bold prints, but I’ll vary my look depending on what I’m doing that day. If I’m home writing a magazine feature it may be jeans and a sweater (probably with a rainbow stripe!), but say I’m out at an event or if I’ve been asked to go on TV, that’s when the heels come out! You’ll never spot me without a splash of colour or (at the very least) a bright lip.

It’s that time of year when we’re starting to get holiday-fever! What are the top three essential pieces you MUST have in your suitcase?

That’s a toughie because without fail, I always over-pack. If I had to choose I’d go with a tankini (flattering and practical!), sun hat (I’m religious about protection these days), and a floaty dress (my go-to hassle-free summer outfit).


What are your favourite pieces from our spring/summer collections – anything you can’t wait to get your hands on?

So many gorgeous pieces to choose from! The polka dot dresses are an absolute winner for me. I can see myself at many a barbeque or garden party in those (British weather permitting!). And the striking multi-coloured ruffled stripe dress is totally me.

What’s the best piece of style advice you’ve ever been given?

Dress like you’ve got somewhere better to go later. Not sure where I heard this, but it sums up my entire style philosophy!

Shop Rachel’s look in New In now, or browse our spring/summer lookbook here.

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