Spring has finally sprung and we’re on the second week of our ‘Sunday Girl’ featuring the prints to wear for the new season!

So let us introduce you to Abbie, our Studio Styling Assistant and second Sunday Girl in “The Spring Edit”.

Let’s find out a bit more about Abbie and what she’s looking forward to this spring…

Oasis – What’s on your perfect summer soundtrack?

Abbie –Well my perfect summer soundtrack for this year is definitely Route 94 “My Love.” It’s such a good feel good song and will be perfect for summer days spent in the park.

Oasis – We agree! And what trend are you most excited about for SS14?

Abbie –I just cannot wait for SS14! There are so many amazing trends coming through this year but what I’m most looking forward to are two-piece outfits. Whether it’s a skirt and top or top and shorts I think that ‘matchy-matchy’ trend will be great to put together. I also do love to wear a full skirt styled with a wedge and a plain t-shirt, that’s a perfect easy look for this summer too.

Oasis – You’ve got us inspired for SS14 now! What would you say is your favourite summer memory?

Abbie –Wow that’s a hard question…I’d have to say my first girls holiday a few years ago. It was all about the build up and excitement of being independent and going away on our own (as well as not being able to sleep the night before!)

Oasis – Oh we remember that feeling too. Are you planning any holidays this summer?

Abbie –Hopefully I’ll have as many holidays as I can this year but I’ve definitely booked my fifth girls holiday and we’re jetting off to Ibiza! I’m hoping that’ll mean lots of fun and sunshine!

Oasis – Sounds great we’re very jealous. Ok so tell us a bit about how you got into your job…

Abbie –I was really lucky to get this job! I stayed in school till I was 18 and started University but personally it wasn’t for me so I managed to get work experience in the studio for 6 weeks and I’m lucky to say I came in at the right time as someone was leaving and I was offered full time position. I’m still here 3 years later and I’m still loving it.

Thanks Abbie for taking a bit of time out to tell us about yourself. We’re already dreaming of the sunshine…

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  1. J says:

    Where did you get the shoes from please?

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