Our second Sunday Girl is our Content Editor, Sarah and we’re getting the low down on her summer wardrobe and her favourite things to do in the sunshine.

Oasis- Hi Sarah, so July is just around the corner and we can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the sun! What is your fail safe summer’s day outfit?

Sarah – I’m always wearing printed dresses, something loose and easy to throw on. Or maybe stripes… stripes are always a good idea!

oasis fashion palm print shift dress

Oasis – Are you going anywhere on holiday this summer? What are your packing must-haves?

Sarah – I’m off to Brittany this weekend actually! I can’t wait! I’m going to go shopping after work to get a few more things, so let’s just say I’m a bit of a last minute packer! This summer, I think it’s all about the one-piece swimsuit and I’m taking this one with me. I also picked up the Cropped Spot Shirt, I think it’ll look cool over a cami and highwaisted denim shorts.

Oasis – We’re so jealous of your holiday! What’s on your ultimate summer playlist?

Sarah – There’s a lot of Haim on there at the moment – and Lana Del Rey’s new album is really chilled out and summery!

summer outfit ideas

Oasis – Working in fashion, you must put a lot of thought into what you wear every day. How would you describe your style?

Sarah – I always find that question really tricky! There are staple pieces that I wear every season – a leather jacket, highwaisted jeans, stripy tees – things that never go out of fashion. This season I’m getting into the matchy matchy trend – I never thought I would! I’ve also bought a few midi skirts and crop top, which I can’t wait to wear them on holiday.

Oasis – Who’s style do you admire?

Sarah – At the moment I’m kind of obsessed with Poppy Delevingne– she always looks amazing. And Sienna Miller too actually – I have serious hair envy of those two.

clashing prints monochrome floral

Oasis – We totally agree – Poppy might have taken over from Cara in our girl crush stakes! What is your desert island essential? You’re stranded and you’re only allowed to take one luxury item with you – what would it be?

Sarah – Ooh – probably sunscreen. Is that really practical?! I always try and take good care of my skin. Or my sunglasses – I can’t leave the house without them!

summer holiday shift dress

Oasis –That is a very sensible choice! We’re impressed! And lastly, you’ve worked at Oasis for almost a year now. What’s the best thing about working for the brand?

Sarah – People always say this, but everyone in the office is great – I feel lucky to be part of such a nice team. We work hard but we also really get on which is lovely. And there’s always chocolate. Actually maybe that’s not such a good thing – we’re always snacking!

Oasis – Too much temptation! We know the feeling. Thanks for chatting to us about all things summer today.

Look out for another Sunday Girl coming your way next week!

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