Our next Sunday Girl winner, the lovely Marie Luise got all wrapped up to take us on a tour of her home-town Berlin.

Oasis – Hi Marie-Luise, what’s your perfect Sunday?
Marie-Luise – A perfect Sunday is where I spend time with my family. We cook for example and have a lot of fun together.

Oasis – Sounds great! Which was your favourite part of your Sunday Girl outfit?
Marie-Luise – The jacket. The red color is a real eye-catcher and it was very comfortable to wear.

Oasis – And super cosy for this chilly Berlin weather! So, what are your plans for Christmas?
Marie-Luise – At Christmas, I’ll be with my parents. The whole family gets together then.

Oasis – What’s your favourite Christmas memory?
Marie-Luise – The best Christmas I had is when my grandma celebrated with us. I always had a special relationship with my grandma and I’ve always enjoyed the time with her.

Oasis – Lovely. Will you be wearing anything special on Christmas day?
Marie-Luise – I have not had any thoughts yet, but definitely something elegant. Perhaps a skirt with pumps.

Oasis – Good choice. Sunday Girl is inspired by a Blondie song, but what’s your favourite song right now? Christmas ones are allowed!
Marie-Luise – At the moment I really like listening to Lana Del Rey. The romantic music fits all so well at Christmas time.

Oasis – What’s your must-have fashion item for Winter?
Marie-Luise – Gloves – whether from a cozy wool or made of elegant leather.

Oasis – And finally, did you enjoy your Sunday Girl photo shoot?

Marie-Luise – Oh yeah. It was really a lot of fun to be photographed in front of such a great backdrop, the Brandenburger Gate. The team was also great, thank you so much.

Thanks Marie-Luise, Christmas can’t come soon enough. To see Marie-Luise’s full looks, head to the Sunday Girl feature and meet our other Sunday Girls.

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