A few weeks ago we opened our newly revamped store in Bristol Cribbs Shopping Centre and you told us how much you loved it (so did we)! So seen as we have such a loyal fanbase in Bristol, and the small fact that you were voted as the best British City by The Sunday Times, we decided to create you a City Guide to the best places to Eat, Drink and Play. And who better to do it with than Bristolian Tara from the Style Rawr.

Oasis – Hi Tara, so tell us how long have you lived in Bristol?

Tara – I’ve lived in Bristol my entire life! I always thought I’d move away but after travelling around the world, I realised it was actually a pretty cool city and I now I can’t imagine myself living anywhere else now.

Oasis -That’s so lovely! What’s your favourite thing about the city?

Tara – Ooh that’s a hard one but I’d say I love that it has a laid back, studenty vibe and there’s always so much to do!

Oasis – If we came to visit you in Bristol, where would we find you hanging out on a weekend?

Tara – Well I usually hit the shops on Saturdays and grab food somewhere – who doesn’t love a bit of shopping! Then on Sunday’s my friends and I like to explore the city and check out any events that are going on! If the mood takes me I can also be found at the Watershed as I really enjoy watching art house films there.

Oasis – So is that your favourite thing to do in Bristol or is there something else?

Tara – I really enjoy wandering around Clifton Village where there are lots of independent boutiques bars and cafés and it’s also a really beautiful part of the city – the view from the Clifton Suspension Bridge never gets old!

Oasis – Sounds lovely. Why not tell us a great place to go for a drink…

Tara – The Milk Thistle is a really cool cocktail/lounge bar in the centre of Bristol. You have to ring the doorbell to be shown in, there are ‘house rules’ and the building itself is beautiful. It has an air of mystery about it which makes it feel even more special.

Oasis – Sounds very mysterious… Are you excited about the new revamp of the Bristol Cribbs shopping centre?

Tara – Definitely! I love going to The Mall and I can’t wait to find out which new stores will be opening soon.

Oasis – So a bit about your style – where do you look for outfit inspirations?

Tara – Well I follow a lot of fashion blogs so I’m constantly being inspired. I’m also a little bit obsessed with Pinterest, I’d say that’s where I get most of my style inspiration from!

Oasis – Us too! Any favourite trends for SS14?

Tara – I’d probably have to say pastels! I really want to build my pastel wardrobe this SS14. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers wearing all pink or all pale blue outfits and I want to give it a go myself.

Oasis – Do you have any daily habits?

Tara – I have to say I’m a bit of a herbal tea junkie so I can’t go a day without drinking at least one green or jasmine tea from Starbucks!

Oasis – That’s not a bad obsession to have… So do you have a wardrobe staple that you couldn’t live without?

Tara – A leather jacket! A girl can never have too many leather jackets and I wear mine all year round.

It’s like you read our minds! Thanks for talking to us Tara, take a look at the Bristol feature here and let us know your favourite places in the city.

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