Hannah, our Creative Manager, does denim every day of the week. Whether she’s in-store prepping for a launch or lunching with pals, you’ll find her wearing jeans. Today she’s working our trusty Jades and telling us all we need to know…

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear denim?

How many pairs of denim do you own?
I couldn’t tell you from memory… it gets even more complicated when I think about the denim pieces, I own not just pairs of jeans.

What’s your favourite way to style your denim?
If it’s a denim day, for me that mean’s a more relaxed dressing day. It’s usually a skinny style Monday – Friday paired with a relaxed, pastel or stripe jumper with slip on brogues. Boyfriend jeans and oversized printed t-shirts with slip on sandals are a go-to Sunday style for me.

What’s your favourite style of denim?
It’s hard to pick. Which do I wear the most? I’d say skinny.

Do you like your denim with rips or no rips?
I do like ripped denim, but I can’t wear them to my grandmother’s house as she doesn’t understand how it’s trendy to wear denim with rips! In her day that represented misfortune. I also generally prefer a smarter look so I wear no rips most of the time.

What’s your most memorable memory of denim?
I wouldn’t say I have a most memorable memory of denim in particular. I guess when I think of denim I think to the hours I’ve spent rummaging through hundreds of rails in vintage and charity shops looking for the perfect denim aviator flight jacket. I haven’t found it yet, but I will! It’s worth the wait.

What was your favourite part of this shoot?
I’m awkward in front of my friend’s camera, let alone a professional one so I was relieved that we would be doing the shoot in my flat. No bright lights or white backdrops!

What’s your favourite Oasis denim pick?
Isabella skinny crop. Super skinny and I like the zip detail at the ankle.






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