The Museum of Royal Worcester: MEET CAROLINE


Meet Caroline, she’s the Digital Marketing Manager over at the Museum of Royal Worcester. We sat down and had a chat with her about her summer style essentials and how working at the museum has led to an obsession with pretty pottery!

Tell us a little bit about your role at the Museum of Royal Worcester.
My role mainly involves working with our website, social media pages and email newsletters, making sure that they are up-to-date and communicating everything that is going on at the museum to our visitors.

And tell us something we need to know about YOU.
I’m Swedish, I came to the UK to do my undergraduate degree and started working here at the Museum of Royal Worcester after I graduated. I’m now living in Scotland studying for my Master’s at the University of St- Andrews simultaneously as working for the Museum. Since I started working at the Museum I’m unable to walk past pottery or drink out of a cup and saucer without turning it upside down and checking the backstamp. Recently, I found some beautiful 18th century Worcester tea bowls at Glamis Castle. I love baking and my specialty is chocolate muffins with a melted chocolate centre.


We obviously love florals – pop a petal on anything and we’re wearing it! What items in the Museum of Royal Worcester and Oasis collaboration are your favourites?
My favourite item is the placement midi dress. I love everything about it, the cut, the materials, the flower print, the colours and the lace.

What are your favourite pieces in the Museum’s collection itself?
I love the blue and white pieces from the 18th century. Blue and white are my favourite colours, but more than that, when you look at those pieces they all have beautiful patterns of flowers, birds and other animals or people.

On a typical day at work, what would we find you wearing?
Black skinny jeans with a blouse or shirt and a jumper, and I always wear my pearl necklace.


The sun is finally starting to peep through the clouds and we’re getting ready for summer! What are your personal summer style essentials?
Blouses, perfect for work and looks great if you’re meeting up with friends for dinner and drinks afterwards. Sunglasses, which gives me the feeling of summer regardless of how warm or cold it is outside, we live in the UK after all. I also have a large collection of blazers and summer coats in bright colours which are my summer essentials.

And what three songs make the soundtrack to your summer?
The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran and Crazy in Love by Beyoncé.

How would you describe your style? Girly? Glam? Sporty? Laid back?


We get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Is there anybody’s style that you admire?
Kate Middleton and Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. I just love their classic and colourful styles.

It’s a rainy day – it is British summertime after all! How do you spend your time when the heavens open? Any must-see spots close by?
I usually meet up with friends for coffee in one of Worcester many coffee shops such as Caffe Bolero, Ginger Pig Café or Boston Tea Party. I also enjoy going for a walk in the rain if it’s not pouring down. There is something magical about a rainy day, the light and the smell. Worcester is beautiful, especially walking along the riverside and around the Racecourse. However, nothing beats crawling up in the sofa with a good book or my tablet, browsing online shopping sites.


Finally, describe the collaboration in three words
Exciting, beautiful, inspired.

Can’t get enough of Caroline’s look? Shop it, and the rest of the collection, here.

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