The Museum of Royal Worcester: MEET LOUISE


Next up in our Sunday Girl Museum of Royal Worcester edit, is Louise who is Volunteer and Collections Assistant at the museum. We caught up with her about why jeans are the ultimate style staple and her slightly unusual second job!

Tell us a little bit about your role at the Museum of Royal Worcester.
As the Volunteer and Collections Assistant, I’m responsible for recruiting and coordinating volunteers to assist with museum events, the learning programme and researching historical information from the Museum’s archive collection. We have a big team of dedicated volunteers at the Museum so you can usually find me in the staff kitchen brewing up to keep them happy.

And tell us something we need to know about YOU.
As well as my job at the Museum of Royal Worcester I’m also the Curator of a medical museum in Worcester – it’s quite a gory collection including a chair used for amputations before anaesthetics were discovered!


We obviously love florals – pop a petal on anything and we’re wearing it! What items in the Museum of Royal Worcester and Oasis collaboration are your favourites?
I’ve not seen the whole collection so I’m looking forward to choosing a favourite once I’ve seen them! Having helped the designers choose images from the archive, it will be wonderful to see them brought to life.

What are your favourite pieces in the Museum’s collection itself?
I love the plates in the 20th Century gallery which show the painters’ colour trials. They’re so colourful.


On a typical day at work, what would we find you wearing?
My job is very hands-on as I work in the various collection stores with the china and archives, so I have to wear clothes which are comfortable.

The sun is finally starting to peep through the clouds and we’re getting ready for summer! What are your personal summer style essentials?
Jeans. Always jeans.

And what three songs make the soundtrack to your summer?
It’s so hard to just pick three songs. If I have to, I’d go for Maximo Park What Equals Love?, Muse Mercy (make sure this one’s loud), and Weezer Wind in our Sail.


How would you describe your style? Girly? Glam? Sporty? Laid back?
I’m very laid back unless it’s a special occasion. I have to feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, but it’s always nice to feel glamorous, too!

We get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Is there anybody’s style that you admire?
Anyone who can make their own clothes! I envy those creative enough to turn a shabby old shirt into something fresh and awesome.

It’s a rainy day – it is British summertime after all! How do you spend your time when the heavens open? Any must-see spots close by?
I’ve inherited green fingers from my mother, so rain or shine I like to be pottering in the garden enjoying the birds and bees. If it’s torrential then I’ll be inside on the sofa trying to complete Netflix.

Want to steal Louise’s style? Of course you do! Browse her outfit and more here.




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