The Museum of Royal Worcester: MEET ZOE


Third in our Museum of Royal Worcester Sunday Girl series is Learning, Outreach and Volunteering Officer, Zoe. We sat down to chat about looking back in time for style inspiration and her love for beautiful stationery.

Tell us a little bit about your role at the Museum of Royal Worcester.
I’m the Learning, Outreach and Volunteering Officer at the Museum of Royal Worcester. I absolutely love my job because it allows me to be so creative. On a typical day, you can find me making Chinese shadow puppets with 5 year olds, writing articles for magazines and planning a museum safari!

And tell us something we need to know about YOU.
I’m obsessed with stationery! Is there really anything better than a beautiful pencil case?



We obviously love florals – pop a petal on anything and we’re wearing it! What items in the Museum of Royal Worcester and Oasis collaboration are your favourites?
The beautiful blue blouse and trouser combo. Very stylish!

What are your favourite pieces in the Museum’s collection itself?
The Seasons Vase. It’s so over the top – it’s brilliant!

On a typical day at work, what would we find you wearing?
A shift dress with boots, or a shirt with skinny jeans.


The sun is finally starting to peep through the clouds and we’re getting ready for summer! What are your personal summer style essentials?
A big floppy hat, a bright lipstick and a Margarita!

And what three songs make the soundtrack to your summer?
Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground, Ready to Start by Arcade Fire and Just Like Heaven by The Cure.


How would you describe your style? Girly? Glam? Sporty? Laid back?
More often than not I’m in my running tights and trainers! When I’m not running, I’d probably describe my style as classic but edgy. If it was the 60’s I’d have been a mod.

We get inspiration from anywhere and everywhere. Is there anybody’s style that you admire?
I tend to look back in time for inspiration. Patty Boyd, Debbie Harry?



It’s a rainy day – it is British summertime after all! How do you spend your time when the heavens open? Any must-see spots close by?
I’d probably still be out running, in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside!

Finally, describe the collaboration in three words.
The perfect match!

Nab Zoe’s picks and shop the whole collection here!

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