You may have noticed that we’re a liiittle bit in love with Instagram right now. Pretty pictures? Check. Boring train journeys? No more. #Hashtags? Only when necessary – of course! Here are our favourite ‘grams from the last month.

1. Hello, National Burger Day! We popped down to Bukowski Grill in Shoreditch’s Boxpark (handily only a stone’s throw from our office) for cheeseburgers. The fresh lemonade comes highly recommended.

2. As if we couldn’t love our V&A Collection any more, Marisa snapped her Cordelia crop top in front of some beautiful tiles whilst on holiday in Portugal. Sunshine and prints? We couldn’t not love it.

3. Bessie the Bus is in Scotland! One of our favourite scot bloggers Christina caught Bessie’s stop in Dundee. Make sure you check to see if Bessie’s coming near you soon.

4. Did you know a lot of our stores have Twitter accounts? We couldn’t help but share this snap of Sally from our Manchester Trafford store after they shared it with us all – don’t forget to follow them on Twitter too!

5. Magic happens in our studio on a daily basis. We love sneaking in and watching the models get ready – and can we please steal our MUA’s amazing MAC blusher collection?

6. Back to Scotland, we caught up with glaswegian Wendy and her beautiful dogs. How cute does she look in our Chloe dress?

7. Our White City store definitely knows how to do city dressing as its best. Light layering and cute heels? Sorted.

8. As if we didn’t want to steal blogger Ella’s wardrobe already, we now need this striped embellished jumper too. And this shot? Totally Instagram-worthy.

9. Our Aussie pals over at Shopping Links treated themselves to a pretty bouquet of orange roses the other week.  Our unlined leather shopper was the perfect way to take them home.

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