Gemini? Those flats are a must (Venus told us so). And call yourself a Sagittarius in those jeans? By next week you’ll be a skater dress girl, through and through. Read on to find out what YOUR stars say…

Let’s start with Virgo, as it is your time to shine. This month is all about being kind to yourself: this means saying YES to a second slice of cake, I DESERVE IT to an extra-long lie-in this Sunday and WHY NOT? to the cosiest faux fur gilet known to womankind.

Taurus, today you will probably eat breakfast. Tonight you will probably sleep. Tomorrow you should DEFINITELY wear something stylish and unequivocally ‘you’ – like this season’s must-pull-on poloneck

Gemini, you’re a twin sign. And this week more than ever it’s extremely important to indulge both moods. Translated fashionably this means you should buy double and buy differently. Jupiter says lightweight jumpers. Saturn says sexy dresses. You know what to do…

Sagittarius, romance is on the agenda as Aquarius circles Saturn and you experience true love. We suggest you be brave, put your best foot forward and meet your match in lace. It’ll be a truly clear relationship. We’re off to buy a hat and some waterproof mascara. #emosh

Libra, you’re famous as a fence-sitter, but this week the stars have aligned to give you the green light to make a decision and stick with it. Definitely the green. It goes with your eyes.

Cancer, at the end of the week there will be a full moon in Cancer, which will empower you to make all the changes you’ve been meaning to make. So take that job, wear this dress and don’t forget to eat your 5-a-day. That matters too.

Aries, you’re famously stubborn and won’t be talked into anything you don’t want to do. It’s a good job you really, really want to try the new trend for knitted ponchos. And it’s a good job there’s a beautiful one right here…

Scorpio, I am never wrong except for when I’m wrong…which is never. So you should trust me when I say that ‘fashion favours the brave’ aka: try something new between Monday and Sunday this week and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Leo, on Wednesday you’re going to have some food for dinner and wear some clothes. But your day will be a whole lot happier if you try something a little more ‘fashion forward’ like our favourite T-Shirt Dress.

Aquarius, you’re a true original, who likes to walk her own path and won’t be told under any circumstances what to do. With this astonishing insight in mind, we urge you NOT TO BUY the cool leather jacket in that link. Noooooo, you just really, really shouldn’t do it…

Pisces, without a pair of new season flares, you could find yourself feeling like a fish out of water. We suggest you indulge on Tuesday – also the day you’ll talk to a friend, go to work and inhale some oxygen. Damn, I’m good.

Capricorn, romance is in the air today, just over Southern Australia. If you don’t happen to be there, you should console yourself with the next best thing – this boho floppy hat. It’s the season’s key accessory, don’t you know?

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